I have never personally met the Syrian artist Lina Chamamian, but when I heard her first album, “As Asmar”, which was published in 2006, she wrote an article entitled “Lina Chamamian … Bravo.” I said: “I think we have a rare talent worthy of care and care. She is confident that Lena, if she has the right creative environment, can be singled out by her beautiful wings. Lena’s performance suggests that she has a rare sensual sound, her spirit is saturated with a deep and broad musical culture that is deeply rooted in Eastern music, At the same time, it also overlooks the Jazz and Wa Blues and the latest in the current music scene of colors and techniques.
I think that Lina has the complex identity of the current cultural moment, which qualifies her to be an amazing ambassador to Syria, touching the hearts of people in the four corners of the world, such as Aziza Mustafa Zada, which now enjoys a wide international fame.
Yesterday, the artist Lina Chamamian sent me a message via Facebook, saying: “From the first thing Balcht lost your words with my heart, and today, what to do with the sound of his voice, thank you for love and faith.
You might be surprised if I told you that these simple words delighted me more than any honor I received in my life. It means that my words have fallen on the same noble, original talent that has been growing and straining its course.
The occasion of the return of communication with Lina is that I published on my page an article by George Galloway, a member of the British House of Commons, which read: «It is strange that as a British I was able to cross the Arab world from east to west without needing a visa, while the Arab needs a visa, That border from an Arab country to another Arab state.
If you know that your limits are on you only and do not apply to us, and that your homes and flags are all made by us, at the end of the previous paragraph I wrote: This is the most painful statement for me. The reader asked the words: What is the most painful say for you?
The really pleasant surprise is that the first comment I received on my private was from the brilliant creator Lina Chamamian, who was touched by the tongue because she lived this fact from her bitter side last summer when she was taken off the plane from Orly airport to Tunisia because she was Syria, The necessary documents to which I have already traveled repeatedly to Tunisia!
It is true that the suffering of the Syrians on the borders of the countries of the world and its airports is not new. The new is that Lina Chamamian has transformed this suffering into a beautiful song of her lyrics, melodies and performance entitled “Ya Khay I am Syria” and she turned it into a video clip written by Dr. Maher Sabra and directed by Saad Al-Qadri.
I saw the song “Ya Khay Ana Syria” three times and each time my heart was yelling (Bravo Lina), as he did thirteen years ago when I heard “Al Asmar”. The beautiful in Lena that she does not seek through her song integrated text, performance and music, to provoke resentment, but launches a wonderful invitation to the Syrians and all the afflicted, I hope the world will hear!
The original Syrian artist Lina Chamamian Bravo again.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Second … Bravo Lena – Al Watan newspaper

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