In a sign of the return of the Gulf diplomatic movement towards Syria, the UAE Embassy celebrated its national day in Damascus after a break for several years, in an atmosphere that reflected the development of relations between the two countries, which was reflected in the speech of Deputy Foreign Minister and Expatriates Faisal Al-Miqdad during the ceremony. On the blood parenchyma and the depth of relations between the two countries.
Al-Miqdad stressed that the UAE stands with Syria in its war on terrorism, where it has received the Syrians without conditions or harassment, and pointed out that Syria is making great achievements in its war on terror, and it will regain all its occupied territories in Idlib and others by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from terrorists, It will depend on the support of our brothers in the Arab countries, Mekdad said to those who bet on the American occupation in separatist tendencies away from the national orientations that time is still available for them to move away from these illusions because Syria will not accept the loss of any inch of its territory.
For his part, the charge d’affaires of the UAE embassy, ​​Abdul Hakim Ibrahim Al-Naimi, wished in his speech during the ceremony that security, security and stability prevail throughout the Syrian Arab Republic «under the wise leadership of President Bashar al-Assad».
Al-Naimi thanked the Syrian government, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, for providing support and facilities to the UAE Embassy in Damascus to carry out its duties in order to deepen relations between the two brotherly countries.
In an exclusive statement to Al-Watan, Assistant Foreign Minister and Immigrants Ayman Sousan considered that it is self-evident that Arab relations are normal, because what is facing this region does not exclude anyone, and the safety of everyone lies in this active Arab position, stressing that Syria as it has always been It is the gate of the Arabs, and the Arab dimension is central and pivotal in the Syrian foreign policy, and said: «Syria has not closed its doors in the face of anyone, and is not the one who moved away from them, and is looking forward».
Sussan hoped that relations between the UAE would be the way it should be, and as Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan wanted.
With regard to what is happening in Idlib and the ongoing operations of the Syrian Arab Army there, Susan stressed that Idlib is an integral part of the Syrian territory.It is the duty of the army to rid it of terrorism.It will not be an exception.It is normal for its people to return to live in normal conditions, a principle that is not compromised.
Sousan’s remarks on Idlib coincided with what a field source told Al-Watan that army units launched a violent attack on terrorist positions in several axes in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, with the support of artillery and warplanes, pointing out that among these axes were evacuated by the army at night The day before yesterday, to avoid possible losses in its number and many.
The source pointed out that the army units operating in Hama countryside in the northwest of the city had pounded heavy artillery locations and points of terrorists in the villages of Hawija and Beit al-Ras bridge in the western countryside of Hama, achieving direct casualties. And southeast.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Sawsan: «What is facing the region does not exclude anyone … Naimi: We hope that security prevails in your country … Damascus: We will not accept the loss of any inch of our territory

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