Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Necdet Ismail Anzour, said that the message sent by members of the US Congress to US President Donald Trump to adopt a “new strategy” on Syria to achieve Washington’s goals in this country “is not applicable.”
In a statement to Al-Watan about the contents of the letter, although America can apply it in Syria, Anzour said: “This letter and its contents are not applicable.”
The letter from Congressmen “indicates serious attempts to contain the American president from the deep state and not allow the intelligentsia, if they find to have a voice,” he said.
Last week, about 400 members (out of 535) from the House of Representatives, Democrats and Republicans sent a letter to President Trump to endorse a “new strategy” on Syria.
“At a time when some of our closest allies in the region are under threat, the leadership and support of the United States is playing a crucial role as it is,” the letter said.
“The conflict in Syria is complex, and the potential solutions are not ideal, but our only choice is to develop policies that can stop the growing threats to US interests, Israel and regional security and stability … This strategy requires US leadership,” the lawmakers wrote, according to opposition websites that published their own text. .
Many members of Congress, Democrats or Republicans, have been deeply concerned about US policy in Syria since December when Trump surprised his national security team and his allies with the decision to withdraw all 2,000 US troops from Syria.
In February, Trump retracted his decision and agreed to keep an American presence of up to 400 troops under the pretext of continuing to pressure a reluctant organization.
The letter urged Trump to step up pressure on Iran and Russia with regard to their activities in Syria as well as the Lebanese Hezbollah.
“This particular timing was chosen at the same time as the attempt to declare the” deal of the century “and the tightening of the blockade on Iran in an unprecedented manner, and even internationally the economic war with China and the insistence on the siege of Russia, and the fact that Syria is the most important keys to either restoring international balance or maintaining the US monopoly on the international resolution and keeping the law of the jungle controlling all of us, and this is what it is seeking with all possibilities, including maintaining the status of semi-statico in the Syrian Peninsula. “
As the Syrian Arab army recently launched a military operation against the terrorist organizations in the area of ​​”reducing escalation” in the northwestern part of the country, which includes the province of Idlib and parts of the countryside of the provinces of Hama, Aleppo and Lattakia, and the crushing of terrorist organizations in the northern Hama, escalated statements by Western countries in support of terrorist organizations, In order to stop the army and its allies from the military operation in the northwest.
Anzour stressed that «sure that the army will run the battle to the end in Idlib and Rifi of Hama and Aleppo to Lattakia», pointing to the existence of scenarios similar to what happened in the gouta of Damascus and Aleppo from the opening of humanitarian corridors to spare civilians and exit «This is what the army and its Russian ally and all that Despite the unlimited support of the Turkish regime of terrorist organizations in order to change the fronts after the invasion of the army in the countryside of the northern Hama ».
The Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly that the support of the Turkish regime of terrorist organizations did its work as the Syrian Arab Army redeployed outside the town of Kafr Naabouda, “but he recovered and this is the nature of hostilities.”
Anzer said that “the Russian ally will certainly not be silent on this support of Turkish terrorist organizations, which is naturally a key partner in the fight against it, and this does not eliminate the continuation of work on the diplomatic front between the supporters of Astana (Russia, Iran and Turkey) and the sites of the Sochi agreement, For months. “
The vice-chairman of the People’s Assembly expressed his belief that the Kurdish sides and the Turkish regime will not succeed in reaching an agreement mediated by the US on the establishment of the so-called “safe area” in the north-east of the country.
“I do not think that the Kurds and the Turkish regime will go to an agreement in the northeast of the country, despite the American push because this file has very serious consequences for the Turkish interior and can not be easily completed later,” he said.
“The Syrian government is closely monitoring everything that is happening on the Syrian national map without forgetting that these events are intertwined with the nature of international conflicts and their regional and local effects,” Anzour said.
In the past few days there have been reports of negotiations between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the regime of the Turkish regime, mediated by the United States to discuss the future of the north-eastern region of Syria and the relationship between the two sides. Representatives of the militia met with officials of the Turkish regime, Saudi Arabia’s Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper quoted sources it described as “private.”
The information came after PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, in which the Kurdish People’s Protection Forces in Syria (the backbone of his body) called for Turkish sensitivities to be taken into account in Syria.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Said that the army will run its battle to the end in the northwest of the country .. He saw that the Kurds and the Turkish regime will not succeed in reaching an agreement … Anzour for the «homeland»: the content of the message of members of the US Congress to Tramp on Syria is not applicable

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