More than a hundred years ago, psychologists gave a simple definition of sadism by saying: “It is the inability of people to have pleasure without the other.” The definition of opening the horizon wide to deal with the psychological imbalance experienced by the sadists and put each of them in his cave based on a broader idea in life beyond this simple aspect: your pleasure in the torment of others.
In fact, these types of pleasures seem to be the most extreme, because they transform man into a monster in the human body. He devours the pain, writes the stories of his cursed creatures with the blood of innocent people. If we examine the scale of what happens around us in this crazy world, we find that one manifestation of degradation in those pleasures is the built sadism On the pains of the homeland.
During the recent Israeli aggression on Syria, a number of civilians, including children, were martyred and wounded, and the news spread so that many Syrian citizens began to pour their hatred on their country.
It is remarkable that this hatred was not only evident as it is usually heard from minarets of mosques in areas controlled by terrorists, or with the blessing we used to hear when terrorists declared the implementation of an operation against safe residential neighborhoods, not even by donating a lot of public and personal phishing pages to the Zionist entity. This time, most of the hatred has come out in the blue world through well-known figures presenting themselves as a Syrian civil opposition working in art, writing, journalism and others who agreed on one point, the irony of the blood of civilians who rose up and wounded, including children, by the Zionist entity!
I admit that on the personal level I have been and still are one of the strongest defenders of the idea of ​​reconciliations adopted by the Syrian leadership for those who wish to return to the homeland, because any injection of blood is ultimately for the benefit of all of us. The issue here is linked to many levels that are not only related to President Bashar al-Assad’s statement: “Either we lose together or win together,” but they are linked to that simple man who has been deceived and incited, and above all his presence under the yoke of terrorism and its leaders. Enlightenment and knowledge », is it really that the bosom of the homeland is able to collect us someday?
He never made the mistake of saying that intellectuals are the most treacherous people because they can at any time justify them. The impact of these so-called divinities is much greater than that of those fighting in the ranks of terrorist and extremist cells, at least of the principle that there is no equality of punishment between the fault of the world .
You may simply put your mind against what you call a regime and you can disagree with it. But what is your problem with civilians, including children who have risen up against Israeli aggression? Is this inferiority due to what happened to your creative theory?
Perhaps the state can allow the constitution and the laws to declare a general amnesty for those who took up arms and destroyed and ruined their country. This means that there is someone who is more dangerous because he simply did not carry a weapon. One day a political solution to restore the rights of Syrian citizens full rights, how a citizen of the right of full to smear a child killed by «Israel», this is not an opposition or point of view, this is a brief embodiment of the saying:
To be envied is a humanitarian thing, but to enjoy the blasphemy is a demonic thing, and are there demons that are dirtier than those that live on the sorrows of the homeland? Perhaps there are those who are equal to the dirty, who are still convinced that neutrality in the national battles.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Sadia .. on the lap of the homeland! – Al-Watan Newspaper

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