Russian researchers and experts confirmed that the US is trying to gain political and economic gains by stealing it on the oil fields in Syria, and considered that this is damaging to its reputation even among its partners in the Middle East, stressing that the continued occupation of Syrian territory shows its management inability and confusion.
The head of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Islam Beck Moslev, said in a statement quoted by the agency «SANA»: «The Americans announced control of the oil fields in eastern Syria under the pretext of protecting them from terrorists, but the goal for them is to obtain economic and political spoils ».
Last Monday, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced that his country would counter any attempt to wrest control of Syrian oil fields from the hands of US-backed Syrian armed groups, the Kurdish militias, using “overwhelming force”, whether the opponent is the Islamic State terrorist group or forces backed by Russia or Syria.
Hours later, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned the US announcement that US forces should be in Syria under the pretext of protecting the “oil fields,” and stressed that investing the natural resources of another country is illegal without the consent of that state.
Regarding the current meetings of the enlarged body of the Constitutional Debate Committee in Geneva, Mozlev pointed out that the start of these meetings paves the way for a political solution to the crisis in Syria to preserve the unity and territorial integrity, stressing that the United States of America is trying to hinder the work of the Committee to ensure the continuation of the crisis in the country.
Konstantin Troitsev, a senior fellow at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Oriental Institute in Moscow, said in a similar statement that America is looting Syrian oil to get money. ».
Troitsev stressed that the Syrian government reads the objective reality accurately and maintains its national interests firmly in its relations with its friends who respect such positions.
On the same line, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Diplomats’ Association, Ambassador Andrei Baklanov, stressed that the American orgy and the continued American occupation of Syrian territories show that the ruling circles in Washington are incapable and floundering in their decisions and this is associated with the false and unfair nature of the statements and statements they make regarding Syria. .
Baklanov stressed that it is naive to believe the Americans in their contradictory positions.
He pointed out that the Russian-Syrian relations are strong and can not be affected by the attempts of some to question them, pointing out that attention should be paid to the objective reality that governs these relations and not allegations and conclusions about it, where Russia has shown in the past years the depth and sincerity of its principled and firm positions towards the Syrian people.
In turn, the head of the Center for Contemporary American Studies Victoria Goravlova said in a similar statement that the US military presence in Syria is a failed attempt to impose influence on the situation in the region, stressing that Russia is committed to maintaining its distinguished relations with the Syrian people.
Viktor Davidov, a scholar at the Center for Middle East Studies, said US geopolitical principles are to dominate as much energy as possible in the world, which explains the Americans’ position on the continued occupation of Syria.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Russian researchers: America is robbing Syrian oil for economic and political spoils

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