Despite the Syrian Arab Army’s continued commitment to a ceasefire in the north, terrorist organizations continued to violate it, requiring it to respond with artillery, amid expectations that the Abu Dhour crossing will reopen today for civilians out of terrorist control areas.
The correspondent «Al Watan» in Hama, that the army responded yesterday morning with heavy artillery, attacks by terrorist groups flying badges of the so-called «HTS» the current interface of the organization «Jabhat al-Nusra» terrorist and the militia «National Liberation», with rocket-propelled grenades at some of its installed points The parties to the “de-escalation” zone.
He pointed out that the artillery shelling focused on terrorist sites in Hazarin, al-Rakaya, Tahr, Deir al-Sharqi, Telmens, Ma’ar Shamsheh and Ma’ar sanctity of the southern and southeastern Idlib rural areas, which resulted in the death and injury of many of them and the destruction of their military equipment.
In turn, a field source told Al-Watan that the army has never used the air force in its response to the attacks of terrorist groups since Saturday 31 last month, in compliance with the cease-fire decision, to give Al-Nusra and its allies a last chance to dissolve themselves and hand over their positions to the Russian army or ally. On the tracks of Aleppo, Damascus and Aleppo.
He pointed out that the army reserved the right to respond to any breach or terrorist attack, stressing that it responded and will retaliate with heavy artillery fire against any attempt by terrorists to change the stable field situation in the rural northwest Hama and southern Idlib.
The source pointed out that the ceasefire is still in force in the area of ​​”de-escalation” for the eleventh day in a row, pointing out that it is expected today to reopen the Abu Dhour crossing in the southern countryside of Idlib, before civilians wishing to exit from areas controlled by terrorist groups to Areas under the control of the Syrian Arab Army.
On a parallel line, the Russian Defense Ministry denied in a statement, quoted by the website «Russia Today», the authenticity of reports alleging that the Russian Air Force launched raids on the area of ​​”de-escalation” Idlib.
The ministry described the reports as “fake”, stressing that the Russian and Syrian air forces have not carried out any raids since the start of the ceasefire regime in Idlib on August 31.
Russia has criticized the air strike carried out by the US occupation in the area of ​​”de-escalation” in Idlib, and considered that the attack endangered the ceasefire.
On the other hand, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the outskirts and the outskirts of the town of Marea in Aleppo northern countryside, witnessed after midnight Tuesday, violent clashes between Kurdish militias supported by the US occupation on the one hand, and armed militias supported by the Turkish occupation on the other hand.
He explained that the clashes centered on the axes of Harbel and Sheikh Issa, accompanied by mutual targets with heavy machine guns, causing injuries to both sides.
In the context, the «Observatory» opposition killed a citizen of the village of Balilko in Afrin countryside inside the basements of the so-called «military police» backed by the Turkish occupation, Rajo district in Afrin, north of Aleppo.
Opposition websites reported that the so-called “commune councils” of the so-called Kurdish “self-administration” began to impose money on Arab peasants in the rural villages of the eastern city of al-Qamishli, “the villages of the submerged” as a tax for what they called “liberation of Afrin”.
The sites pointed out that the value of the tax 25 thousand Syrian pounds levied on the peasants in the village of Maashouk belonging to the town of Qahtaniya, east of the city of Qamishli, pointing out that taxes were imposed on Arab peasants without Kurdish peasants.
The village of Ma’shok is divided into two parts, one inhabited by ‘Arabs of immersion’ and the other by Kurds. The ‘self-management’ militia toured the homes of farmers to collect taxes from Arab villagers only without Kurds.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

«Russian Defense» denied the violation of Russian and Syrian aviation ceasefire … the army responds to terrorist violations in the north and expectations of opening the crossing «Abu Dhour» to civilians today

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