Russian President Bashar al-Assad has called on Lebanon to participate in the meetings of Astana on Syria, while Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that his country is interested in participating in Astana without canceling its right to discuss with Syria the organization of the return of the displaced.
“Lebanon is interested in participating in the Astana meetings to discuss the Syrian crisis because the conference facilitates efforts to find a political solution that will contribute to the return of Syrian refugees to their country, especially in Lebanon,” Aoun told Lavrenteev, according to the Lebanese National Media Agency. One and a half million Syrian refugees have been left with negative repercussions on various Lebanese sectors and on official and private administrations and institutions.
Aoun said that participation in the meetings of Astana does not negate Lebanon’s right to discuss with the Syrian state the organization of the return of the displaced to their country. He said: “We see in the Russian support to achieve this return an important factor in waiting for the participants in the path of Astana to reach final solutions to the Syrian crisis.
He also referred to Lebanon’s political and security stability, the return to Lebanese political life and the efforts of the government to find appropriate solutions to the economic crisis that has been exacerbated in Lebanon as a result of the consequences of the Syrian exodus to its territory.
He praised the importance of cooperation between Lebanon and Russia, and thanked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for his “interest in Lebanon”, recalling the fruitful talks that took place in Moscow during his official visit to the Russian capital earlier this year.
“The Russian leadership appreciates the results of President Aoun’s visit to Moscow and considers that it gave a new impetus to the Lebanese-Russian relations, especially with the potential to develop these relations, especially as Moscow looks forward to more Coordination with Lebanon in recognition of his role and his positions and his policy of moderation towards the events in the region ».
Lavrentyev called on Lebanon to “participate in the course of Astana on the situation in Syria,” which is scheduled to be held at the end of July, pointing out that his country “considers the participation of Lebanon and Iraq necessary in the search for the Syrian crisis.”
Lafrentev offered his country’s efforts “to achieve stability in the Middle East,” stressing that Moscow “will do more to address the situation in Syria in coordination with the Personal Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Syria, Ambassador Geert Pedersen,” adding that Moscow is ” “And stressed the« participation of Lebanon in its steps for the return of the Syrians to their country », pointing out that« this subject will be the focus of research in the meetings of Astana and will receive Lebanon support of Russia in all areas ».
The meeting was attended by the Russian side in addition to the envoy Lavrentiev, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin, Russian Ambassador Alexander Zlespkin and a number of Russian diplomats.
Lavrentyev arrived in Beirut on Tuesday from Baghdad, accompanied by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Verchinen, on a two-day official visit, including his tour of the region that includes Syria.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Russia sends invitation to Lebanon to participate in Astana … Aoun: We are interested in participating without canceling our right to discuss the return of the displaced with Syria

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