The head of the PLO’s political department in Syria, Ambassador Anwar Abdel-Hadi, said that Syria will win the economic war waged by the United States and its allies, as well as in the war on terrorism.
In a statement to Al-Watan, Abdel Hadi said in response to a question: If he believes that Syria will overcome the economic war waged on it, “Yes, certainly Syria will overcome” this war, stressing that the economic war is parallel to the terrorist war waged directly by America and its allies. To obtain political concessions from the Syrian state, and «but they are delusional».
Abdel Hadi said that «must be patience and steadfastness because all American projects that rely on the policy of power and the law of the jungle will fail, and comes today and wake up everyone and isolate America», he added: «We in Palestine believe that Syria is the first political and geographical position in the face of this American policy «Israeli».
Head of the PLO Political Department, commenting on the Trump administration’s decisions on the legitimacy of Zionist settlements and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the occupation entity and recognition of the sovereignty of this entity over the occupied Golan, he explained that «since Trump received the presidency revealed the true face of America», pointing out that America is moving and seeking In order to dominate and control the good of the peoples, he is not interested in freedom, democracy or human rights as much as it is about securing its interests and preserving the security of Israel to be the strongest in the region to preserve its interests.“Trump says it clearly, ” he said. “That would turn America into a gun for rent in order to protect any regime that needs to be protected.”
Abdul Hadi said that the region has become a hot volcano as a result of this US policy, which violates all regulations and laws, demanding «everyone to have awakening even countries that consider themselves allies of America».
The head of the Political Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Syria talked about the political concessions sought by Washington, accompanied by the exclusion of the member of the national delegation in the mini-constitutional committee, Mohammed Khair al-Akam, that the delegation of “opposition” to change its positions blocking the committee meetings.
In a brief statement to Al-Watan, Al-Akkam said: “The success of these dialogues depends on the behavior of the other party.” When we feel that the other party belongs to its homeland Syria as well as their nationality, these dialogues and this committee can succeed. “They belong to many countries other than Syria.”
Although he expects the opposition delegation to revise its positions, he said: «I do not expect, these part of them belonging to Turkey and part of them belonging to Saudi Arabia and part working for an American», expressing his wishes to «affirm their belonging to Syria for the success of this meeting».

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

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