WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Washington has revealed the secret of deliberately quick charges against Iran in the case of attacks on Saudi Aramco.
While all official positions and statements have taken escalation towards Iran, the US president reiterated that he did not intend to exhaust diplomacy with Iran. “Iran seems to be responsible, but he certainly wants to avoid war with Iran,” he said. “Never when it comes to Iran.”
“I think a lot of the responsibility lies with Saudi Arabia in defending itself,” Trump said. “If there is protection from us, Saudi Arabia also has to pay a lot of money. They have to pay. They understand that very well.”
Trump’s remarks were supplemented by his deputy, Michael Pence, who said his country was evaluating evidence about the Aramco attacks and that Washington was ready to defend its interests and allies in the Middle East, revealing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s departure for Riyadh.
Faced with these statements and US moves, and after all reports indicated that Saudi oil production could be interrupted, Saudi Energy Minister Abdulaziz bin Salman announced the sudden return of oil supplies to the market as it was before the attack.
The Saudi Energy Minister pointed out that during the past two days, the damage was contained and half of the disrupted production was recovered!
In exchange for American intimidation and escalation, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote in a tweet on his account «Twitter» that «the United States in denial when you believe that the Yemeni victims who spent four years living the worst war crimes will not do everything they can to respond», adding: “Blaming Iran will not change. Ending the war is the only solution for everyone.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Riyadh announces containing the attack «Aramco» and Zarif: Stop the war in Yemen … Trump to Saudi Arabia: pay a lot of money to protect you!

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