The representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Syria, Karen Dadorian, described the situation in Al-Rikban camp as “extremely difficult” and revealed that 95% of its residents wanted to leave, at a time when the UN Regional Coordinator on the Syrian crisis, Can be a permanent solution, but it is necessary to create the conditions to dismantle and ensure the departure of the residents.
In a special statement to Al-Watan, Dadorian mentioned his visit to the camp during the month of February for several days. The United Nations organizations, in collaboration with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Societies, shipped 130 humanitarian aid convoys. This was the last humanitarian convoy of the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent To the camp.
“When humanitarian convoys traveled to all United Nations organizations in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, we were part of these convoys. There were two convoys in February and one last year,” he said.
“I can not comment on the issue of preventing residents from leaving,” he said, adding that “the UN survey conducted during the camp last month, which was carried out, About 2800 people, the percentage of those wishing to leave the camp 95 percent, and the proportion of those who want to return to their villages and towns to 83 percent ».
Syria and Russia have repeatedly called on US forces and their armed militias, who control the al-Tanf area of ​​the camp and hold the displaced to close this file permanently, by allowing displaced people to leave the camp to their areas free of terrorism.
He said that this file is very complex, wondering: “Where will the displaced people go, what procedures are required and how to transfer them,” considering that there are many questions should be answered before making any decision, pointing at the same time that the camp is now under control Non-governmental armed groups, and “the United Nations has no presence there inside the camp”. “We affirm that any movement should be voluntary and that people know and know where they will go in a way that preserves their dignity, and that there are no obstacles from any side or any party to this issue,” he said.
“The United Nations works with all parties, supports any movement within international humanitarian law so that there are no obstacles, people are aware of the next step, what will happen to them, and that it is voluntary without coercion from any party. “We are working in this context and with all parties.”
“The situation is very difficult, there is no humanitarian service, there is not a single doctor in the camp. Access to the only clinic on the Jordanian side of the border is very difficult for the residents of the village,” he said. People need great support in all services. “
In a statement, Al Watan received a copy of what the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent achieved and the impression it obtained during its conduct of the last humanitarian convoy last February. “The people told our teams,” said Sajjad Malik, UN resident coordinator and humanitarian coordinator for Syria. How desperate they are, they are cold and hungry and lack access to basic services. Even water is scarce, and the goods available are limited and very expensive for most. Women and girls face serious protection risks. Such as early marriage and sexual assault. “
“People need a long-term solution, allowing them to return home or anywhere they choose in safety and dignity,” Malik said in a statement. “In the meantime, we need continuous humanitarian access to provide ongoing assistance, and immediate steps must be taken to improve access. People on medical treatment ». The United Nations teams and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, distributed through its last convoy last February, provided a sufficient food ration for one month only to more than 8,300 families.
The United Nations Regional Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Syria, Banos Mumsis, considered that the “camp of the Rikban”, “can not be a permanent solution, but it is necessary to create conditions for dismantling it and ensure the departure of refugees.”
“It is clear that the Rikban is a temporary solution, and solutions must be found to help people move forward. This is not the place to stay, children should go to school, and must help pregnant and elderly women.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Revealed that the number of its inhabitants reached to «40» thousands and the situation is very complicated … Dadorian «Home»: 83 percent of the population «Rkban» want to return to their villages

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