No, it is not an empire that does not break. It was broken in the Bay of Pigs and broke down on the banks of the Mekong. What happened, finally, in the Sea of ​​Oman only a spiral retreat from the battlefield, after those long dunkishot hours?
The Israelis were shocked. The Arabs were overwhelmed by the fact that they were betting on the clown to turn the geostrategic equations in the Middle East upside down. Despite everything that happened, they did not give up, for a moment, their miserable presence. Stones (speaking stones) on the chessboard.
Pastors in the century deal. Their argument is that the current mantle must be penetrated by silk gloves, ie with broken hands, no hands that carry stones, no hands that carry knives, no hands that carry guns.
We realize how those who put that scenario are thinking. Only to protect Israel from the stormy possibilities that interact with the “geological” structure of the region.
Veteran US diplomat Richard Haass noted that the Middle East is on the verge of a series of earthquakes if the United States no longer considers its politics and its strategy, far removed from the historical dialectics and dialectics of Arab societies.
After seven decades, and more, of that tragedy, medieval Jews and medieval Arabs found a solution. Covering the tormented blood, tormented history, tormented land, billions of dollars. We said no shame. Where is the shame when the big issue, like any major company, turns into financial instruments on Wall Street and on Wall Street screens?
Those who prepared the scenario did not take into account the rights of the Palestinians, nor the concepts of sovereignty of the host countries.
Refugees. What they mean is the establishment of a confederation, as Shimon Peres and others have proposed, between the Israeli brain that is at the end of the major forums and the Arab money that is at the extremes of tribal tribulations.
The knife in all our backs. The bomb is on our backs. But the earth said to her, “No,” and before the people of the land say “No”. Strange is the commandment of those Arabs (the intruder) when they compare between those who vomit money and vomit blood. The earth here vomits blood. People here who vomit blood.
Elliot Abrams said it publicly. The deal to establish Greater Israel from the shores of the Mediterranean to the banks of the Gulf. That situation ensures that the United States will forever lay its hands on oil and gas. The deadly weapon in the century-old conflict between the American Empire and the Chinese Empire.
This man and his partners in the “Israeli dream”, like the American Dream, did not pay attention to Aaron Miller’s advice to stop “attempts to pass the raging bulls from … the peephole.”
Note how Donald Trump, who criticized Barack Obama’s philosophy of “driving from behind,” sneaks into “broken crises” from the back doors.
Who went on wheelchairs (like animation) to Manama, did not read what was written in the United States about the “weaknesses” that have emerged, in recent days, over the waters of the Gulf. The wreckage of the plane that looked as if it were an imperial wreckage run by the fingers of a juggler.
The spiral retreat, as a facet of a spiral strategy. In Europe, there are talk of the hours when Donald Trump shudders. On possible shifts to reduce unilateral polarization. Calls to reshape the globe, away from the American fist, the deadly fist.
The American president did not wake up the “Great America.” Awaken all those who were horrified by American madness. Here they raise the sound: reshaping the globe.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Restructuring the globe – Al Watan newspaper

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