The UN special envoy to Syria, Ged Pederson, arrived in the Saudi capital of Riyadh yesterday to meet with members of the Constitutional Committee on the list of the so-called “opposition” with whom the opposition “High Negotiating Committee” is holding meetings to prepare for the committee’s meeting in Geneva on January 30, amid reports. Resignations in the list of «civil society».
According to opposition websites, Arab media sources revealed that «Pederson will arrive in Riyadh Saturday (yesterday), to meet (members)« Constitutional Committee », which continues to meet in Riyadh continuously with the« negotiating body »to prepare for the negotiations to be held in Geneva This month under the supervision of the United Nations ».
In a statement to reporters, Pederson announced his intention to go to Riyadh this week to agree on the finishing touches on the meeting of members of the Constitution Discussion Committee for Syria in Geneva to be held on the 30th of next month.
At its last meeting in Riyadh, the Negotiating Body chose Hadi al-Bahra as co-chairman of the Constitutional Committee, and nominated its candidates for the drafting committee (mini-group), as required by UN resolutions.
Pederson’s visit to Riyadh comes after repeated attempts by the Negotiating Body to obstruct the work of the committee before it began, as it acknowledged last Tuesday clear violations of the agreement to form the committee and the mechanisms and procedures of its work. “They studied all sorts of constitutions and forms of government, and worked for 18 months to get their job done,” said Riyadh-based Yahya Aridi. “It’s not just two months to finish a draft constitution for the country.”
Al-Aridi’s remarks confirm the violation of the «opposition» in the agreement to form the Constitutional Committee and the mechanisms and procedures for its work, which provides for the discussion of the 2012 Constitution.
Late last month, the United Nations and Damascus announced an agreement to form the Constitutional Committee and its mechanisms and procedures. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Walid al-Moallem confirmed in a television interview at the time that what would be discussed by the Constitutional Committee is the 2012 constitution. To «discuss the Constitution does not prevent the consideration of a new constitution because the amendment of one article we have a new constitution».
He pointed to the series of rules and procedures of the Constitutional Committee, which is that the Committee led by Syria and the ownership of Syria, in the sense that there is no foreign interference in it, and members of the Committee are masters themselves, and foreign interference is rejected, there is no acceptance of dictates and acceptance of external ideas or accept a timetable for the work of the Committee, It is an open work until the Committee finishes its work, stressing that all talk about the status of ready-made constitutions is rejected. The Committee is a woman herself and she decides and votes on every article to be agreed upon.
Meanwhile, opposition leader Ayman Abdel Nour said on his Facebook page yesterday that the negotiating body met yesterday in Riyadh as part of a series of meetings that began since September 8, and chose the names of its representatives in the “mini constitutional committee,” which includes 15 members for each of the three lists (Syrian government, opposition, civil society).
He added: The mini committee consists of: Hadi Albahra – President and Dima Moussa – Haitham Rahma for the «coalition» opposition and independents Basma Qadmani – Tariq Kurdi – Awad Al Ali, and «National Coordinating Committee for the Forces for Democratic Change» Safwan Akash – Ahmed Asrawi and the Cairo Platform Jamal Suleiman – Kassem Khatib, and the Kurdish National Council Kamran Hajo, and the Moscow platform Muhannad Dulaikan, and representatives of armed militias Hassan Obeid – Hassan Hariri – Mohammed Nuri.
In parallel, the website of the Russia Today channel quoted cross-opposition sources as saying that four members of the Constitutional Committee on the Civil Society List had submitted their resignations, noting that no official announcement had been made yet, except for what the Committee member had written. Mona Khiti, who stated on her Facebook page that she had received an invitation to participate in the committee, and that she officially apologized for participating.
The website said: «amid the lack of clarity of the reasons, what is circulated by the« opposition »him that the reason for the resignation is due to pressure exerted by the Syrian government on the Commission, which was denied by members of the Committee itself from the list of the government».

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Resignations in the list of «civil society» under the pretext of pressure … Pederson in Riyadh .. And «opposition» chose representatives in «mini»

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