As Russia prepares to receive a number of its own nationals armed with an organization calling for the terrorist detained by the “Syrian Democratic Forces” – the Western countries still do not shoulder their responsibilities towards the avid terrorists of their citizens.
It was expected yesterday, to carry out the extradition of about 15 people from the families of Russian militants in the organization to the Russian government by «Qsd» who were captured earlier and were arrested and detained, according to the «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» opposition, but even hours Evening did not receive this delivery.
In exchange for Russia’s responsibility for its citizens involved in the organization, the Western position was completely contradictory.
More than 30 British children, born in districts of Daqash, now live in camps in Syria, including three young girls their mother took four years ago to Syria, according to opposition websites.
The grandmother of the girls, Charlene Jacques Henry, 51, appealed to the British government to return the family after the newspaper learned that her daughter and grandchildren were still alive. “My British grandchildren were born here and must return to this country. They were not born in Syria, The authorities have to go there and bring them, they have to live here, they are innocent and they have no income in all this. “
According to the reports, the names recorded in the camps confirm the existence of at least thirty children born of British parents stranded in the vast camps in Syria, noting that the British Minister of Interior, Sajid Javed, used special powers to cancel the passports of a number of Britons, including (Shaima Begum, 19), who fled to Syria with two other students in 2015, turning them into stateless persons.
More than 215 children have died since the beginning of January in or around the camps because of cold or malnutrition, according to the report, indicating that at least 12 children were born in Britain among British children. They have the right to citizenship because their mothers are British citizens.
According to a report in The Guardian, there are at least 70 Australian children in the camps, whose parents were fighting alongside the organization before losing to most of the areas it controlled in Syria and Iraq.
In Germany, the head of Germany’s internal intelligence service, Thomas Hildenfang, said: “The number of people classified by the CIA as dangerous extremists in Germany rose by about 300 in 2018 to a total of about 2240 people, plus potential returnees, Noting that it is difficult to accept the return of these because the premise of their attacks in Germany remains at any moment », according to the site« Deutsche Welle ».
Hildenfang said the threat of persecution was increasingly being pursued by Europe, especially with calls from social networks to incite attacks on European countries and mobilize supporters and supporters.
“We are wondering whether we are facing a new generation of terrorists,” said Haldenfang. Pointing out that attempts to carry out attacks in the past years showed that adolescents may turn at any moment to killers.
In Belgium, the Brussels court sentenced Hakim Nemili and Mohsen Wahbi to five years in absentia, while the third was sentenced to ten years in prison. On the participation of those in the fighting in Syria, within the ranks of armed groups, especially calling, according to opposition websites.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Reduced sentences in Belgium, appeals for the return of British children, and a German warning of their return … preparations for Moscow’s extradition of Russians

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