A major field move by the Syrian Arab Army in the northern countryside of Hama, gaining control of villages and towns that had been under occupation for nearly seven years.
A few days after the resumption of military operations, army units entered the strategic village of Zakat, which is the gateway to the towns of “Kafr Zeta” and “Mork”, the stronghold of the so-called “Liberation of the Levant”, the current front of the organization «Jabhat al-Nusra» terrorist.
Raising the Syrian flag again in the town of Zakat came after fierce battles fought by the army forces, under heavy fire coverage by the Air Force and heavy artillery.
A field source told Al-Watan that Al-Nusra and its allies have used terrorist reinforcements from the so-called “Al-Fateh al-Mubeen al-Mubeen” factions to the fronts of the northern countryside of Hama, to regain control of the areas they have seized from the army, but their reinforcements did not help them to avoid this.
The source pointed out that the army targeted those reinforcements with appropriate weapons and eliminated dozens of terrorists, at a time when warplanes launched intensive raids on terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun, Abdeen, Jabal Shahshabo, Mudaya and Al-Hubit in the southern countryside of Idlib, which led to the destruction of the headquarters of the so-called «National Front To liberate the terrorist, backed by the Turkish occupation, killing dozens of its militants and destroying their war materiel as well.
The source confirmed that the army is continuing its progress in the northern countryside of Hama to clear its cities and villages of Al-Nusra militants and its allies, and its eye on Kafr Zeta, which has been liberated from terrorists around the corner, especially with reports that dozens of terrorists have fled the town with their families.
Sputnik news agency quoted a field source from inside the liberated town of Zakat as saying that the army’s storming of the town of Arbaeen on Tuesday paved the way for the fall of the northern towns of Hama countryside by the army, pointing out that violent clashes fought by army units in the town of Zakat, resulted in “Dozens of militants, including terrorists of Arab and foreign nationalities, were killed.”
The source pointed out, the continued artillery boot operations on the positions of the militants in Kafr Zita and Latamna, and the continuation of air raids carried out by Syrian and Russian warplanes on the lines of defense and supply of terrorist organizations.
In the meantime, Syria reaffirmed its commitment to work towards a sustainable political solution to the crisis, while continuing to eradicate terrorism and drive out the occupying and aggressive foreign forces.
During a meeting of the Security Council yesterday on the situation in the Middle East, the Acting Chargé d’affaires of the Permanent Mission of Syria to the United Nations, Minister Counselor Louay Falouh, stressed Syria’s rejection of the systematic behavior adopted by the permanent delegations of the United States, France and Britain, through the use of the Security Council platform to distort the image of the government He pointed out that these countries do not have the legal or moral capacity to call for meetings to deal with humanitarian affairs in Syria, as they are involved in direct military aggression on them, and in providing cover for terrorist groups, and in the killing of thousands of Syrians, and the destruction of property They are kidnapped, displaced and displaced from their homes, and in imposing unilateral coercive economic measures on the Syrian people.
These countries, which are supposed to take responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, have never cared about human rights, the well-being of peoples or the sovereignty of nations, but have for centuries adopted unethical behavior based on the misuse of noble humanitarian ends and on the manipulation of the principles and provisions of the Charter, he said. International law, to achieve an ongoing aggressive colonial agenda, is the legitimacy of outside interference, the overthrow of legitimate regimes by military force and the fragmentation and dismantling of states.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Recovered the town «Zakat» after years of occupation of terrorism … Army advances in the countryside of Hama and approaching «Kafr Zeta» and «Latamna»

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