The Syrian Arab Army continued to respond to violations by the terrorist organizations of the Idlib Agreement and to escalate its attacks on the army points established in the area of ​​the demilitarized zone, and to inflict heavy losses, while the security chaos continued to escalate in the areas controlled by these terrorists.
In the details, a field source told Al-Watan that the terrorist groups based in Jabal Shashbou and Al-Thamneh in the northern countryside of Hama launched six Grad rockets on Saturday morning, causing fires in the agricultural lands, and the town of Ein al-Krum, 5 rockets limited to material damage, Prompting the army to respond to the sources of firefighters.
The source pointed out that the units of the army carried out yesterday morning focused operations on the axis of the movement «Nasra» and its allies in the towns of Latamna and Kafr Zeita and Hbit in the villages of Hama in the north-west and Idlib South, and sentenced to fierce clashes sporadically on a number of terrorists, and wounded others severely and destroyed mechanisms of Four-wheel drive and rocket launchers and weapons, and identified the dead terrorist Mohammed Abdul Salam Al-Kharouf, one of the leaders of the so-called “army of pride.”
Not only the terrorist organization but the sheep but spread through the account in the «Tigram» pictures of the sheep and terrorists Firas Halabi and Muhanad Diop and pointed to the deaths of 14 others on 23.
The army also targeted the warplanes terrorist groups in the axis of the fisherman, Kafr Nabal, Barah, Hachas, Habit, Abidine, Preveh Hama and Idlib, killing many terrorists and wounding others and destroying their military equipment.
The warplanes also raided a munitions depot of terrorists around the town of Kafr Nabel in the southern suburb of Idlib, resulting in complete destruction.
According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the air force carried out four raids yesterday morning on terrorist strongholds in the town of Kafr Zeita in the northern suburb of Hama, two in the vicinity of Hayish and two in the village of Kansafra in Jabal al-Zawia in the southern sector of the countryside.
Yesterday, activists said: Syrian army helicopters threw paper clips at the villages of Rif Idlib, demanding that the local population evacuate them before the start of the “liberation battle of Idlib al-Kabir”, while the “victory” tried to replace the elements of the army who had already settled and joined the ranks.
Al-Nasra issued a warning to the so-called “reconciliation elements” through leaflets issued in the northern Hama countryside on Friday calling on them to “split and surrender”, claiming in the pamphlets, “We do not aim to kill you.”
During its sweep, army units found the town of Karakat in the north-western Hama district on Turkish and Israeli weapons and ammunition. The terrorists targeted the cities of Hama, its safe villages and army posts.
He pointed out «the Observatory» that the army helicopters also targeted sites for terrorists on the axis of Kubana within the mountains of Kurds in the countryside of northern Latakia.
In addition to these developments, a violent explosion rocked the areas of Nasra control in the northern Idlib countryside. It was found that it was the result of an explosive device explosion in the town of Sarmada border with the Iskenderun al-Sulaib brigade north of Idlib, causing only material damage, according to the opposition observatory.
A bomb exploded after midnight on Friday – Saturday in the town of Dana border in the northern suburb of Idlib, causing material damage also, while unidentified gunmen targeted the machine guns of a militia on the road to Kafr Takharim – Haram, causing at least one armed attack , According to the Observatory as well.
On the other hand, Nasra launched a campaign in the city of Idlib, according to Aba, one of the organization’s security leaders, Sa’d al-Din al-Sabbagh, who claimed that the campaign to pursue the “corrupt cells” and “cells of the Baghdadi gangs”
To Aleppo, where clashes took place on the axis of Mahersta Khan near the town of Zahra in the northern Aleppo countryside, between the terrorists on the one hand and army forces on the other, following an attempted infiltration carried out by terrorists yesterday, which caused casualties between the parties, according to «Observatory “Which referred to the martyrdom of 4 of the allied forces of the army and the killing of three terrorists.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Publications on the «Battle of the Liberation of Idlib the Great» … and security chaos raging areas of control «Nasra» … The army continues to respond to the violations of terrorists .. And heavy losses in their ranks

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