A delegation of Italian parliamentarians and politicians arrived in Damascus yesterday for a week-long visit, during which they will be received by President Bashar al-Assad.He was quoted by MP Alan Bakr as saying that during his visit next year, he will visit Idlib province after the Syrian Arab Army cleared it of terrorism.
Al-Watan learned that the delegation is headed by Italian Senator and Head of the Parliamentary Friendship Division for the Eastern Mediterranean Paolo Romani, and includes members of the Italian Parliament Matthew De Cremango, European Parliament member Marco Zani and former Italian Defense Minister Mario Moro, in addition to the Director of the Aga Khan Foundation. Radwan Khwatimi.
The delegation, which came from Beirut, received a number of members of the People’s Assembly at the new immigration center Yabous on the border with Lebanon.
In a statement to Al-Watan, Bakr, who was among the council’s delegation that received the delegation at the new immigration center Yabous, said, “There is a date for the delegation tomorrow (Sunday) to meet with President Bashar al-Assad.”
The program of the delegation’s visit for the first day after arrival, includes a tour in Old Damascus, and then a meeting with the Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Badr al-Din Hassoun, to meet today with the Speaker of the People’s Assembly, and then Minister of Public Works and Housing Suhail Abdul Latif.
The program will also include a meeting with Prime Minister Imad Khamis and a meeting with the Minister of Local Administration Hussein Makhlouf, in addition to a meeting with His Beatitude Patriarch Avram II of Antioch and all the East of the Syrian Orthodox Syriac Orthodox Church. Tuesday visit to Aleppo, from where he will return to Palmyra on Wednesday, then the visit will end.
Bakr explained that during the meeting with the Minister of Housing, the delegation will be briefed on the reconstruction plan in Syria in the next phase, pointing out that among the questions that the delegation inquires about is the issue of refugees as this is one of their concerns and cause them to thinner in Europe, as they have Many questions regarding the political situation, especially the Committee to discuss the current Constitution.
He considered that the importance of the visit lies in the fact that the delegation visited Syria two years ago, where the process of liberating Deir Ezzor and Albukamal was carried out at the time, and they were briefed on the deliberate abuse of the Syrian Arab Army and its attempt to demonize it through fabrications and lies that Western countries and Western media fabricated against it. He pointed out that the delegation at the time was very positive, especially after he met with the master of the country.
He added: «Today they are visiting Syria and they are in a better state than they did during their previous visit and they have all the respect and goodness of the Syrian leadership, people and government and their positions are logical and expressed through foreign media».
“During our meetings, we will focus on the issue of unilateral coercive measures imposed by America, which all the Syrian people suffer, and they share our condemnation and condemnation,” Bakr said.
He continued today they said: «In the next visit, God willing, we will visit to Idlib», after the Syrian Arab army cleared her of terrorism », pointing out that such visits would not have happened without the victories achieved by Syria on terrorism and steadfastness all these years .
For his part, Chairman of the Committee on Arab and Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in the People’s Assembly, Boutros Morjana, said in a statement similar to «home», that such visits are very important, as they come «to confirm certainly that Syria is on the way to recover and its territory».
He added: «These visits bring the parliaments closer together, and at the same time make the European parliamentarians witnesses» on the real reality in Syria.
Morgana felt that such visits of parliamentary delegations of European countries to Syria can contribute to a significant impact on the governments of their countries to change their positions on what is happening in Syria, which is subject to the dictates of the United States.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

President al-Assad receives today .. and Morgana: their visit confirms that Syria is on the way to recover … Italian parliamentarians in Damascus and hope to go to Idlib after clearing it of terrorism

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