Some predicted in the sludge of the terrorist war against Syria that the consequences of this war would change the world. Hence, the Western ferocity reached its peak and the countries supporting terrorism provided billions of dollars and all kinds of equipment and weapons to the terrorists to win this war, but they did not succeed. The great sacrifices of the Syrian people and the dedication of the Syrian Arab Army in defending the homeland and supporting friends and allies.
But since most of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic has been liberated from terrorism and Western research centers are waking up from different scenarios of using chemical to white helmets all fall into the trash bin of history because they are fabricated and unfounded on the ground even though they were awarded the Oscar for White Helmets terrorists. General intend to nominate for the Nobel Prize as is the media. And because they do not want to admit defeat, they try several scenarios that are all in depth and scandalous and contradict the most basic principles of international legitimacy and human rights.
Therefore, rather than expressing our surprise and shock whenever they announce a step or scenario to avoid the causes of their defeat, we must focus on the meaning and purposes of this scenario and its possible future consequences. The main dilemma after US President Donald Trump announced his intention to withdraw from Syria was those terrorists holding European, Turkish and American passports in the Baguoz. And we discover that the orders were issued to the Kurdish factions who depend on the American decision to absorb these terrorists and contain them under the pseudonym of “their families”, and therefore declared that the problem ended after they found a solution because the countries that issued them to commit terrorist crimes In Syria did not accept their return to it. If the clear conclusion here is that they issue terrorism to us and cause the shedding of the blood of our people without being blinded.
The other scenario is the Israeli Center for National Security Studies, which issued a paper on the return of Syrian refugees. It stated that the return of some 5 million displaced refugees from Syria to camps prepared in advance for them in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and elsewhere should not be allowed for several reasons: first, Are needed for reconstruction and in their absence Syria becomes poorer in its capabilities and capabilities. The paper added that the countries that harbor these refugees must be pressed and given money so that they will not be allowed to return to Syria. The other and perhaps most important reason is to keep them until 2021 to be held hostage by the UN when elections are held. A practical and financial translation of Israel’s original idea of ​​allocating $ 7 billion to assist Syrian refugees in their places of residence and to prevent their return to Syria. It was at the Brussels conference where those who called themselves at the beginning of the crisis called “friends of Syria” and are in fact the worst enemies to complete their aggression against Syria, but in new and different ways.
The accompanying scenario was the pressure exerted by the United States Secretary of State on the Arab and European countries as well not to re-establish relations with Syria and not to open their embassies in Damascus. In parallel with all that is happening to Syria, the Palestinians are being targeted and trying to pass the deal of the century at a time when Arab reality is fragmented, . What happened on Friday, 22 March, from the Trump press was that it was time to recognize the Golan as an Israeli territory and to visit Pompeo to Lebanon to incite Hezbollah in its country and land was a flagrant violation of international legitimacy and United Nations charters and the lowest diplomatic conduct among nations. The United States has become working for the benefit of the Zionist entity in a declared and inappropriate country is still considered at least economic and military power, but without doubt fell as an ethical, political and humanitarian, and became a follow-up for the first time Israel executes its president and Congress policies of Israel and wage wars And others.
How can the President of the United States take a decision that contradicts UN Security Council Resolution 497 of 1981, which was unanimously approved by the United States in the Security Council and considered Israel’s decision to annex the Golan to be a null and void resolution?
Today, the Golan is the Syrian Arab land that was and will remain until it is liberated. Israel and the United States have worked hard over the years to push the Syrian state to give up a few meters from the Golan, but they have not succeeded. Therefore, I think that Trump’s glee in this regard and the rise of Netanyahu are all just a foam that will go away, the land is our land and will be liberated by our children or grandchildren. But what is important today is the logical and natural conclusion that the United States has departed from international legitimacy and the will of the international community. The US government has become a follower of Israeli occupation policies and public relations campaigns for the benefit of the Zionist entity. Hence the visit of the US Secretary of State to Lebanon Which did not expand his chest, before his time, to arrange the visit according to the usual protocol of the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but began in the Ministry of Interior to say that his visit has an internal Lebanese dimension, and that the focus is on Hezbollah, but missed the death of his masters in the Zionist entity to Remember that Hezbollah today is a strong Lebanese party, a representative in parliament and an elected party, and that this American arrogance will only increase Hezbollah’s strength and popularity among the Lebanese people. Pompeo looked like a small state envoy trying to follow me and intervening in very special affairs in another country.
It seems to me from all this that the Trump administration is separate from reality and that it is in the orbit of a handful of Zionists, Israel’s agents who claim to know the Middle East and the world, but at least the course of the war on Syria has proved that they understand nothing about the real reality and that their claims fall one by one. The reality and events laboratory, as well as their decision that the time has come to annex the Golan to Israel, they do not know the value of the land because they are immigrants and were never owners of land inherited thousands of years from parents and grandparents.
The real people of the land in Syria and the Golan, and in every part of this holy land, know that the ownership of the lands is not subject to statute of limitations, and that the Algerian people liberated Algeria from French colonialism after one hundred and thirty years and that departing from international legitimacy and the Charter of the United Nations only harms its perpetrators, , And that Trump will go, and the Golan will remain Syrian Arab, and Hezbollah will remain the pride of honorable resistance everywhere, inspiring them to stand up to occupation and terrorism until liberation and victory. At the international level, we are witnessing the formation of a new international family and a new international order, founded by Russia and China on the principles of equality and respect, when the reality of supporting terrorism and war and undermining peace and security in the world has been revealed by the West, who recently claimed to be the international family. To claim this honor after the day and after exposure to the truth and purposes of his work and inform him.

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