Many of them insisted that there are materials that are an entrance to corruption and should be deleted or reconsidered, while others felt that the project is flexible and balanced materials so that the chairman of the meeting, Anzour intervention intervened by saying: “The project seems like a cat and mouse game.”
In a meeting chaired by Anzour yesterday, the council approved instead of its chairman Hamouda al-Sabbagh, who left the meeting «for his commitment to a formal meeting» materials relating to the deposit of goods in warehouses without the performance of customs duties in addition to some articles related to free zones.
Anzour responded to the words of MP Fawaz Nsour when he considered that everything that the customs people want to apply under the dome of the Council, saying: This is a clear accusation to colleagues and ask to delete this statement from the minutes of the meeting.
The material relating to the deposit of goods in the warehouses was dominated by a heated debate which MP Mujib al-Rahman al-Dandan considered additional and in violation of the state’s general policy. If approved by the Minister of Finance, he violates this policy.
“We are the legislative authority and we have the right to add and delete,” he said. “It is one of the types of special customs regulations; warehouses, free zones and temporary entry. These types of goods are entered into the state by placing customs duties, Each of which has special arrangements and provisions.
In an intervention, Al-Kubouri said that if the fear is the subject of corruption, “I think that the free zones will be canceled because they are much more dangerous than the warehouses.”
The Minister of Finance Mamoun Hamdan that the door of the warehouse is open only with two keys, one with the Customs and the other with the owner of the goods and is fully responsible for it.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

«People» agrees with the provisions relating to the deposit of goods in warehouses without customs duties

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