It seems that the message sent by Damascus through the homeland, that Syria will defend every dirt of its soil and all its citizens, has resonated among the Kurdish militias, as several officials of the SDF-SDF militia announced their readiness to “partner” with Damascus in order to confront the Turkish aggression.
Deputy Foreign Minister and Expatriates Faisal al-Miqdad told Al-Watan yesterday that “anyone who does not save the homeland and sells it cheaper.” Prices will find that it will be thrown out of history, and we have warned many times of these conspiracies on the homeland and the Syrian people, and said that those who throw in the arms of the foreigner will throw the alien away from him and this is what happened ».
He continued: «We tell them that they have lost everything and must not lose themselves, and ultimately the homeland welcomes all its children and we want to solve all the Syrian problems in a positive way and in a way away from violence, but in a way that preserves every grain of dust from the land of Syria».
“We will defend all the Syrian territories, and we will not accept any occupation of any Syrian soil or corn, but others in this field should not throw themselves to destruction, because we are ready to defend our land and our people,” Mekdad said.
Yesterday, the so-called SDF commander, Mazloum Kobani, announced that the militia was considering an alliance with the Syrian Arab Army to confront the Turkish occupation in case the Turkish regime launched a military aggression against Kurdish militias in eastern Euphrates.
“One of the SDF options on the table is a partnership with President Bashar al-Assad to confront Turkey,” Kobani told NBCNEWS, but he called on the American people to press President Donald Trump to help America’s allies.
The Kurdish-led authorities in northern Syria may start talks with Damascus and Moscow to fill any security vacuum if US troops withdraw completely from the border area with Turkey, or the SDF militia leader Badran Jia Kurd, according to Reuters. Responding to the Turkish attack Meetings and contacts may be held in the event of a vacuum.
This comes in light of the intention of Turkey to launch an aggressive military operation against Kurdish militias east of the Euphrates, according to the head of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
US President Donald Trump on Thursday gave Turkey the green light to begin the process through a White House statement that Turkey would press ahead with the planned operation, but US forces would not take part.
In the meantime, dozens of families have been displaced from the Tal Abyad border region with Turkey in Raqqa province, fearing Turkish threats of aggression against Kurdish militias east of the Euphrates soon.
A source in the «Asayish» forces of the militia «SDF», said: About 50 families have been displaced from the villages of Musharfa and Zaazoa in addition to Hawija in the past 24 hours towards the town of Issa and neighboring villages.
In a related context, the so-called «self-management» Kurdish, yesterday, two field hospitals in the area of ​​Tal Abyad near Raqqa, after the withdrawal of the NGO «Médecins Sans Frontières» medical staff from the region for fear of aggression by the Turkish regime.
Doctors Without Borders evacuated its medical centers in the city of Tal Abyad on Monday, hours after US troops withdrew from the area following threats from the Erdogan regime.
In the current chaos in the north-eastern region, the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that unidentified gunmen were riding in a motorcycle and opened fire on an official of the so-called “Civil Council” of the so-called Kurdish “self-administration” in al-Basira city of Deir countryside. Al-Zour, which led to his injury, died.
In addition, two shells fell by the Turkish occupation on Monday night – Tuesday, on the Syrian-Iraqi border in the province of al-Hasakah.
Private sources said according to opposition media agencies: The «artillery shells originating from Turkish landed on open land in the area of ​​Malikiyah near the crossing Simalka border damage was limited to material», while local sources reported that the aircraft of the Turkish regime bombed two rocket-propelled grenades positions for » Kurdistan Workers – PKK »in the« Fish Khabour »border on the Iraqi side opposite the Malikiyah area of ​​Hasakah.
As part of the preparations of the Kurdish militias for the aggressive operation that the Turkish regime may launch at any moment, opposition websites reported that the militia «SDF» booby-trapped tunnels surrounding the border gate with Turkey in the city of Ras al-Ain north of Hasaka.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Panic in Kurdish militia-controlled areas for fear … After Damascus message .. SDF is ready for “partnership” with Damascus to confront Turkish aggression

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