President of the Board of Trustees of the Jerusalem Foundation in Syria, Buthaina Shaaban, confirmed that the plan of the “deal of the century” which America intends to implement to liquidate the Palestinian cause will “fail” as the previous plans failed.
In response to a question by Al-Watan about recent American media leaks that the “Deal of the Century” provides for the resettlement of Palestinian refugees in Arab countries, including Jordan, Egypt and Iraq, Shaaban said: “It is clear that the transfer of the American Embassy to Jerusalem was the spark of the beginning To try to implement the plans they intend to implement in the Arab-Israeli conflict against the Palestinian people and against the Arab people in general ».
“What the US is saying is not something, and Syria has shown that it is steadfast and hard, and the sacrifice of its army with its allies and friends has succeeded in breaking the United States in Syria, and more than 137 countries who call themselves Syria’s friends.”
“Our people will not accept settlement, and will only accept the liberation of their land and the establishment of their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital, even if it continues to struggle for another 100 years,” Abdel Hadi said.
“Americans no longer have minds, because their aim is only war, control, hegemony and provoking problems in the region, and unfortunately they are breaking all the international legitimacy they are supposed to keep,” he said.
Abdel Hadi called on the Arab regimes that are quick to normalize with the occupation entity to “understand the dangers of this because they are implementing American and Israeli agendas against the interest of the Palestinian people.”
For his part, considered the official «Islamic Jihad» in the Syrian arena, Ismail al-Sandawi, that the continuation of the armed resistance is the only solution to face this deal and drop it.
“This deal was born dead and the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nations are refusing this deal,” al-Sendawi said in a statement.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Palestinian confirmation of confrontation and resistance until its overthrow … Damascus: «Deal of the century» will fail and what America says is not a measure

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