2020 A dramatic coup in the Middle East scene
Some optimism, perhaps a lot of optimism, in the midst of these crashing waves, not because the White House entered the “vestibule conflict” with the Capitol Hill, or because the Americans are tired of these tumultuous acrobats, and was said to “dance inside copper pots.”
Not because, for the first time in US history, the US president is not interested in the Pentagon’s highly sensitive reports on strategic tracks across the globe, which have created fissures in vision, as well as in relationships between power centers.
It is no secret that the generals are talking about three years of strategic wandering under US President Donald Trump, and he has raised the slogan “Great America.” This empire is facing the emergence and development of empires, especially in Asia, where the theater of conflicts in the middle of the century, which calls for the construction of a long-term strategic system, in conjunction with the intensification of alliances, not dismantling, as is happening now.
In the generals’ view, an effective strategic architecture is not built with money alone, other elements are essential. Our planet is fraught with contradictions, challenges and sometimes insanity. No president has provoked all these shocks and clashes to the two neighboring countries of the North American Canada and Mexico.
What Donald Trump did was to unleash the wolves of money inside the stubbishman, the curious priority of the Treasury, not the Department of Defense or the State Department, whose envoys are supposed to be instructed by the Treasury, and have gone too far in drafting sanctions, Robert Malley, an expert at the International Crisis Group, said: It doesn’t even happen in hell. ”
We do not say that the American umbrella is disappearing, and so is the American shadow. But senior strategists talk about randomness, even primitiveness, in managing major policies. The outcome is almost zero in the Middle East.
The biggest disappointment with the allies in the region, except for Israel only, the people of the Authority did not care about the advice given by international and regional parties not to identify with Trump’s policies, or not to trust his promises that went unheeded, no one was willing to listen until the incident occurred, what I realize what The incident!
Now, after a tragic depletion of wealth, politics, and for years, Washington is calling for a return to silk gloves, the bombers hit the aerosol, rather than a “controversy” in which voices were raised. A senior Arab official considered that a one-step retreat would mean defeat. He was told that one-step progress would mean disaster. The cooling of the warheads required a long, long time. The cooling process is still in full swing.
Many in global capitals consider that all the recent policies that Washington has run with threads have increased the complexity of the international scene, also in the intertwining that led to the clash between the Allies, not the coordination of an orchestral as it was before, and under the leadership of the Maestro who mastered the rules and subtleties of the game.
In the Atlantic Command, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Danford, and prior to the transition to General Mark Milli, expressed concern that the dispersal of allies could lead to instances of geopolitical and geostrategic polarization in the Middle East that could seriously affect interests. Vital to the United States.
This is what really happened.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Optimistic – Al – Watan newspaper

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