An investigation revealed that the Turkish regime alone decided to train gunmen from Syrian armed militias on special operations, including sabotage, infiltration, and others. However, the militants failed to achieve any results. Some of the training targets were purely for Turkish purposes.
According to the Sky News website, Turkish news agency Nordic Monitor reported that it had obtained “secret” Turkish military documents showing that Ankara had stepped up training of Syrian factions on what it described as “special operations”, including sabotage, infiltration and manufacturing. Explosives and guerrilla tactics. “
According to the site, one of the leaked documents, dated June 2016, signed by Yasser Guler, then deputy chief of staff of the Turkish army and current commander of the army, refers to the training of 151 militants jointly with the United States until the ninth of 2016.
Turkey has decided to continue the military training program “secretly” after the US withdrawal, according to the Nordic Monitor, which indicated that Ankara has trained 312 militants within the program, according to documents.
A review of the leaked documents indicates that the Turkish training program focused particularly on an area in northwest Syria near the border, where the Turkmen minority lives.
In February 2016, Turkey launched a coordination center for operations in the Iskenderun al-Sulib district. Guler said that “117 elements of the Syrian factions were trained in unconventional operations, including sabotage, infiltration, guerrilla tactics and manufacturing of explosives. In addition, Basic ».
The documents also show the details of a process that was to be implemented by Turkey and the United States together in 2015, to clear an area in northern Syria of armed supporters, a length of 98 kilometers and a depth of 40 kilometers, and agreed to the Turkish government to deploy US warplanes on its territory in preparation for the operation, .
However, things did not go as planned by Ankara, and Guler was frustrated by the failure of Operation Agathi Nobel because it was canceled because of the Americans’ unwillingness to implement it. Instead of the Turks, America increased its cooperation with the Kurdish militias against Da’ash.
The site, which specializes in Turkish affairs, did not explain why Washington had abandoned the operation with the Turks.
In a related context, the Turkish general said: “The Syrian factions failed to achieve a significant achievement in the border area, despite the support of artillery and training of the Turkish fighting in the region against the Syrian government forces.”
Guler recommended “more training for the Syrian factions, the selection of local militants and securing more American air cover.”
The leaky documents sent to the Office of the Prime Minister, Foreign Intelligence and Foreign Ministry reaffirm the involvement of the Turkish army in the war against Syria for years, the Nordic Monitor website said.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

«Nordic Monitor»: Turkey trained gunmen on the «sabotage» in Syria

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