Amid reports of the exploitation of the organization calling the terrorist dust storm that swept the province of Deir al-Zour, to attack the military sites of the Syrian Arab Army, reports of the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the “camp of the Hol” in the areas controlled by the “Syrian Democratic Forces – Qaddd” south of Hasaka.
Local sources from the countryside said: “The vision is not in all the cities, villages and towns of Deir al-Zour, as a result of the sandstorm that swept through the entire province, which led to the complete paralyzing of the movement, and there were cases of suffocation in several villages and towns.”
According to the sources, according to opposition websites, gunmen belonging to the terrorist cells of the organization used the storm, to attack the positions of the Syrian Arab army and allied forces near the cities of Mayadeen and Ashara south of Deir al-Zour, resulting in the deaths of martyrs and wounded them.
The news of the attacks of an organization calling on the positions of the army and allied forces, one day after the confirmation of an Iraqi intelligence source, according to the site of “Russia Today” electronic, the militants and leaders of the organization made the “camp of the Hol”, which includes gunmen from the organization and urged their families were surrendered to the ” », A headquarters to coordinate their movements.
Yesterday, the Palestinian “Al Quds Brigade,” the Syrian Arab Army, in a statement posted on its social networking site “Facebook”, mourned a number of its members who were martyred in the Badia region of Deir al-Zour, while opposition websites spoke of the death of four members of the army And allied forces in another battle with the cells of the organization in the province.
In the meantime, the death of the children of the “Hol camp” in the areas controlled by the “Syrian Democratic Forces” in the extreme south-east of Al-Hasakah province continues, as the tragic conditions in the camp continue, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 12 new children were reported to have died in the camp as a result of poor health and living conditions, lack of medicines and food, and acute medical care caused by the failure of international organizations.
The observatory pointed out that what he called “the state of the holocaust” is inhabited by people living in dire humanitarian situations, pointing out that it includes at least 73361 people, including Iraqis, Syrians and others of European, Asian, African and other nationalities.
There have been many reports that most of the displaced people of the Al-Hol camp are from the families of Daqash and his armed men and go out to the camp after agreeing with the organization to hand over the last stronghold of al-Baghouz in the east of the Euphrates.
In the context of the situation of security chaos, which is worsening in the areas of control «Ksad», a gunman was killed and another of the forces «Asayish» belonging to the so-called «self-management» Kurdish, yesterday, a bomb planted by unknown persons in the province of Raqqa, according to opposition websites, The device went off with the armed men as they were passing through the village of al-Akirishi.
On the other hand, Al-Asaish began an arrest campaign in its areas of control. Its gunmen raided a house in Zuwayqat neighborhood in Al-Tla’a and arrested the men on charges of belonging to terrorist cells.
On the other hand, in a remarkable development, “Qusd” informed the displaced people of the city of Deir al-Zour residing in the city of Raqqa to leave the city, within a maximum period of one month, for unknown reasons, and impose what it called “bail” on those who wish to stay in the city, Of armed militias on social networking sites.
On the other hand, the Turkish Anatolia news agency quoted local sources as saying that the Kurdish People Protection Units were digging new trenches and tunnels, especially in the areas adjacent to the Turkish border, between the cities of Ras al-Ain and Tel al-Abyad.
The sources pointed out that the units are also extending the length and depth of the existing trenches and tunnels, noting that the high frequency of digging the tunnels comes within the readiness of the units for a possible Turkish operation.
The sources confirmed that the units were digging tunnels in the Syrian towns and villages opposite the Turkish border posts, as well as reinforcing their points and number of militants along the border.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

News of the exploitation of a storm for a storm in Deir al-Zour and the attack on the positions of the army

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