Amid reports of bringing massive military reinforcements to the western countryside of Hama, in preparation for launching a large-scale battle towards Idlib countryside, the Syrian Arab Army continued its response to violations by the terrorist organizations of the ceasefire declared since late August in Idlib and repeated attacks on its positions, and inflicted heavy casualties and equipment. And equipment.
According to the correspondent «Al Watan» in Hama, the army pounded heavy artillery positions and points of the organization «Jabhat al-Nusra» terrorist and its allies in the rural north of Hama and Idlib southern and eastern, in response to repeated attacks on villages and military points in the countryside of Hama and Idlib from the area of ​​“escalation reduction” It is a platform for these attacks, which have caused huge losses of personnel and equipment.
In turn, a field source «Al-Watan», that the army targeted with heavy artillery points of the terrorists in the axes of the countryside of Hama northwest, and in Tahat and Ttahia and Umm Jalal, Musharrafah, Sarj, Arbo, Maarat Harmah and Kafrsajnh, Sheikh Mustafa and Arenba Direct injuries.
The source pointed out that the Russian warplanes raided the positions of terrorist groups in Sarmaniya and Dweir al-Kurds in the northwestern countryside of Hama and suffered heavy losses of personnel and equipment.
He pointed out that the warplanes themselves carried out intensive raids on terrorist positions in Horsh Kfarnabal and the outskirts of Kfarnabal south, and Harash Kfroma and Kafrsijnh and Musharrafa in the southern countryside of Idlib, which resulted in heavy losses of personnel and equipment as well.
On the other hand, according to the correspondent «homeland», the competent authorities in Hama agreed to return the people of the countryside of Souran, and the countryside of the region of Mahrda, except Halfaya (temporarily), to their villages and homes after the army declared safe and purified from the remnants of terrorist groups.
In parallel, opposition websites reported that the Syrian Arab Army had brought in large military forces to Camp Goren in the western countryside of Hama in preparation for launching a large-scale battle in the area.
She pointed out that the purpose of bringing these reinforcements is to regain control of areas in the Ghab area of ​​western Hama countryside controlled by terrorists, to reach them from Idlib countryside, pointing out that the army brought about three thousand elements, including those stationed in Daraa and in Damascus countryside, and others from the fronts liberated The army recently in the northern countryside of Hama.
The sites pointed out that the new reinforcements were deployed in Camp Goren to equip them and the announcement of nearby battles to regain control of areas in Jabal Shahshabo, such as Ziara and Qastoun, and access to areas adjacent to Idlib countryside, on the other hand, said «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» opposition that an explosion rocked the city of Jarablus Under the control of armed terrorist groups supported by the Turkish regime, a motorcycle bomb exploded near the station roundabout in the city, killing the driver and injuring others varying.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

News of bringing huge reinforcements to the western countryside of Hama to launch a wide battle towards the countryside of Idlib … «Victory» continues his attacks .. The army retaliates and incurs heavy losses

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