A Gulf foreign minister would say, “As much as we tried in vain to buy that Syrian officer, we could have bought General Joseph Danford, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Those whose shoes are more violent, and more pride, than those stature that you think are studded with gold, which is studded with tink!
Words not only from us, we bow to those heroes who rise up the dust, and rise in the soil, but from documents, articles, and global research, this army of miracles, and what happened on earth beyond imagination, are not the mountains walk on the ground ?!
The Pentagon talked about 400 fronts in the field, which army in history fought on such a number of fronts, in ways that were imposed by the circumstances of the moment? Kahramanat of this time was betting on the disintegration of the military establishment in Syria overnight.
Field pressures, psychological pressures, above perception. They regained the scenes of those days, and witnessed to a legendary army that would not have known comfort, even for a moment. One moment is round the clock, over the days, over the months, even over the years, between the flames, above the flames.
Advisors, officers, American, European, Israeli and Turkish, with great experience, were on the ground, or in the operating rooms, for planning and execution. The most advanced weapons and materiel were placed in the hands of nearly 100,000 fighters from all over the world.
The Pentagon’s deputy director of intelligence, David Shield, counted more than 1,200 factions, a British colleague who told me: “If the American military were to fight so effectively and in such impossible circumstances, Hollywood would have produced thousands of films over years of horror.”
Let the Israelis, who predicted the fall of Damascus within days, now admit that they are facing one of the world’s most professional, dynamic, and more complex armies.
American strategist Anthony Cordesman, appalled by the steel cohesion of the military establishment in Syria, did not hesitate to say “as if we are in front of scenes of ancient metallologies.”
All the temptations, all the billions, and all the trumpets in which they have inflamed the instincts of all kinds have not been able to cause any crack, however small, in the Syrian army. These individual, pathological cases, which appeared in the early months, soon took the form of dolls, dolls lingering between the clutches of barbarians.
A dissident officer, who seemed shattered, met him in an Arab capital. “I don’t know how to wash from that sin. Since the fourth month, I felt I was being held hostage to shame,” he told me. When I remember my skeleton crumbles. That great dust where I grew up yells at me. ”
Those who fell into seduction, or in paranoia power, to which strip they belonged, soon noticed that they were small animals in a forest of elephants. So one of their senior in Paris said after he thought he was just around the corner, calling me, commenting on one of my articles: “Really, we were like … barley bags.”
The support of allies and friends began after the Arabists failed to undermine the state in Syria. Plan B is a cocktail of Israeli and Arab forces, at one point intersecting with Turkish forces to take the war in another direction. States are fighting directly, with American missile support, neither through mercenaries nor through Janissaries.
Plan B died in the cradle. On the army feast, the mountains boast men, the mountains that walk on the ground.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Mountains walk on the ground

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