Russian military police chief Vladimir Ivanovsky announced yesterday that his police “set conditions” so that the UN peacekeeping forces “Undov” from the deployment of its points and begin to carry out the tasks entrusted to it and suspended since 2013 on the line Bravo »in the area of ​​separation of forces with the occupation entity« Israel » In the occupied Syrian Arab Golan. The UN forces withdrew from the region in August 2014 after the abduction of a number of its members by the Nasra Front, returning in August 2018 to patrol and alternates in the area of ​​”separation of forces” protected by the Russian military police. Ivanovski, according to the agency “Sputnik” Russian: The Russian and Syrian soldiers are conducting joint exercises near the “Bravo line,” asserting, “We have one plan to guard and secure this box, internal and external, respectively.”

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MOSCOW: We set the conditions for Ondov to begin her duties

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