The Cabinet decided to reduce the quantities of gasoline allocated to government mechanisms by 50 percent and the development of mobile fuel stations and operation stalled under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources, in addition to the development of new procedures to control the allocation of fuel station allocations taking into account the density of population in each region to achieve justice and reduce any waste Smuggling or monopoly.
During its weekly session, which was devoted to discussing the file of oil derivatives, the Council charged the Ministries of Oil and Interior and the local administration and internal trade and governors to form task forces in the provinces will be responsible for direct supervision and control the distribution of petroleum products to citizens quickly and safely and the ongoing presence to reduce the burden of waiting time and reduce congestion and ensure the citizen Total allocations.
The Council requested the Ministry of Oil to continue the rehabilitation of wells and oil and gas projects in the areas liberated from terrorism and return them to work, noting that the concerned authorities are following the round-the-clock file of oil derivatives and seeking all parties to promote the supply and ensure the requirements of citizens and the state.
During the session, the Council approved the national document for the drafting of legislation prepared by the committee formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Justice to organize the issuance of any legislative instrument to be in accordance with clear and systematic rules and regulations in drafting and preparation in cooperation and partnership between the relevant authorities to achieve public interest.
The guide shall include the assets, rules and procedures to be observed in the preparation of any legislative instrument. It shall also be considered as the first official guide to do so, which shall enhance the Syrian State’s keenness to build the rule of law and to lay the foundations of legislation on a sound basis.
Prime Minister Imad Khamis said that this guide was a real translation of the directives of President Bashar al-Assad on the need to develop the legislative structure in Syria in preparation for the stage of reconstruction and the drafting of legislation in a precise and precise formulation that minimizes as much as possible the work of the legislators of the personal dimension which may lead to giving rights to non-eligible And depriving those who deserve it.
The Council also stressed the need to speed up the development of the investment map and the issuance of the investment law and the development of a unified procedures guide that enables investors to identify opportunities that meet their needs and coordination between the Investment Authority and the relevant ministries to simplify procedures and provide the necessary facilities to attract national and friendly capital to establish investment projects in the service and industrial sectors.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Mobile fuel stations, shut-down operation and work teams to monitor the distribution of derivatives … The government cuts gasoline allocations to its cars by half

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