Following the bombing of civilians with poison gas, the terrorist organizations continued to escalate their attacks and violations of the Idlib Agreement by targeting the villages of Idlib, Hama and Lattakia, which the Syrian Arab army responded strongly and inflicted heavy losses on lives and equipment.
Al-Watan correspondent in Hama reported that units of the army targeted yesterday heavy artillery and rocket launchers, terrorist groups flying the insignia of the terrorist “Front of Victory” in Al-Latamah, Hastaraya, Kafr Zeita, and the fisherman in the northern countryside of Hama and in the Karakat and Sarmaniyah and the energy gate in its western suburb. The wounding of several terrorists and the wounding of others and the destruction of their military equipment.
Al-Watan news agency reported that other units of the army were heavily armed with the movement and points of concentration of terrorist groups in the abandoned area of ​​Al-Katiba, Al-Khawain and Tal Marq. In the vicinity of the town of Jirjnaz and Al-Tantmah and Tkhaya in the southern and eastern countryside of Idlib, many of them were killed and wounded. The source pointed out that the targeting of the army by the terrorists in the northern Hama and Idlib villages in the south and east came in response to their violations of the “Idlib Agreement” and infiltrated groups of “victory” from the axis of the fisherman and Kafr Zeita and the outskirts of Latamna in the northern Hama region of the “demilitarized zone” Who were stationed in the vicinity of the observation, to attack them as usual, but the army had a lookout and prevented it by targeting heavy machine guns forced to flee.
Groups of the so-called “Islamic Turkestan Party” based in the western Hama region of the “demilitarized”, infiltrated from the axes of sardan and the visit and Shahranaz in Mount Shachabo to the military points installed in the western Hama, also attacked, the army dealt with medium and heavy machine guns and many of its members dead and wounded.
Attempts to infiltrate terrorist groups from the “victory” towards the army posts, which are also patrolling the area, were also monitored for targeting them with rockets, but the army foiled them by bombing the terrorists with artillery and rockets. Killing and injuring several of them and destroying their military equipment.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights pointed out that the terrorists shelled the army’s positions in the Ta’oma area in Kensba district in the northern Lattakia countryside. The army responded by targeting terrorist strongholds in the western Jisr al-Shughour countryside and other areas in the town of Latamna North of Hama within the “demilitarized zone”. These developments come a day after the director of the National Hospital of Siklibia confirmed that 21 people were suffocated due to inhalation of gases after the fall of a number of missiles originating from the terrorist organizations.
In a related context, one of the leaders of the militia of the “army of victory” belonging to the “Free Army” and called “Abu al-Majd al-Homsi” claimed that they did not count on the villages of the pavement and Aziziyah in the northern countryside of Hama, poisonous gases yesterday, according to opposition websites.
Meanwhile, the Sputnik news agency reported that the Russian Mi-28NM attack helicopter, named after the “night fisherman”, was spotted flying over Hama province, the agency quoted the Russian newspaper Rosiskaya Gazeta as saying.
Earlier, it was announced that a prototype of MI28NM had been sent to the Russian base at Hameimim for testing under desert conditions, high temperature conditions and dust storms and verification of the new radar system, From the “night fisherman” during the battles to liberate Damascus countryside and Hama.
In the meantime, «Observatory» opposition entry a new military line of the Turkish occupation to the Syrian territory, to switch elements located in the Turkish points, where he arrived at the Turkish point in the region of the south of Aleppo, south of Aleppo, heading towards the Turkish point in the town of Sarman in the south-eastern Idlib countryside .
The «Observatory» that the entry of the Turkish framework comes in the continuation to strengthen the presence of Turkish troops occupied inside Syria.
On the other hand, the «Observatory» continued the clashes between the «Nasra», and escape from the prison Idlib Central is likely to belong to the cell sleeper to organize a supporter of the terrorist in the town of Bensh countryside Idlib, where 6 of the fugitives blew themselves with explosive belts, and a child was shot during clashes between the parties .

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

«Mi 28» Russian updated in the atmosphere of Hama … Erdogan strengthens his occupation … The army kills the perpetrators of the «Idleb agreement»

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