When Freud wanted to know the anxiety, he said, “I do not need to worry about you.
But one of the most common definitions that Martin Covington said: anxiety is preoccupied with trouble before it occurs.
What are the Syrians now worried about?
Certainly for each of his own list and all his personal fears and although there is a difference between anxiety and fear, but in our lives overlap in the way we differentiate between them.
Perhaps the distinction between them in the definitions of psychology and specialists, but in our midst these emotions overlap so that we do not know any of them fear and any concern.
I return to the main question here: What is the list of concerns and fears, in the Syrians?
All human beings share a range of public fears and concerns, and there are many questions about them. This is not only about the Syrians but also humanitarian concerns and cases of “global” anxiety.
People are afraid of death and this impossible mystery still disturbs all human beings, afraid of death and unaware of what follows.
Human health is also a source of concern for them, so people are afraid of diseases in general and of specific diseases in particular. The disease remains a human concern whether it affects the practice of daily life or even the high costs of treatment.
Long list of humanitarian concerns .. Each of us fears that start from the fear of darkness to fear of the wife until you reach the fear of the government!
But we Syrians have our own concerns, and at this stage most of them are about the future and the public.
During the war, and for eight difficult years, the Syrians were able to create a state of “habituation” with crises. They became part of their lives and there was special ability to cope with them. I can not say who is the “Dajan”. “Pets” crises.
This crisis was not easy, and as we see and follow, the series of crises continues, in periods of intensity and intensity, and in other periods less and less, but they exist and will remain on what appears to us part of the lives of the Syrians.
What I am saying here is not to alleviate them or to raise the responsibility of those responsible, but as a kind of drawing the picture as it is without beautification and without promises do not materialize.
But the most important thing to take is at the top of the list of concerns, but the fear is also how to make the future of Syria?
We have universities, research centers and symposia, but thinkers and decision makers have not yet come together to study this difficult question.
There is no single entity that can put a clean answer on its own, and we need a lot of effort to send a message to every Syrian that “we are not in danger.”
Stack Sullivan is one of the psychologists who considers anxiety a positive state because it incites confrontation, a warning that allows the individual to better cope.
Do not worry, the word is comfortable but may not be correct.
People from the fear of humiliation in humiliation.
I’m drowning, so I’m afraid of getting wet.
It is not the poorest of respect based on fear.
I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to overcome it.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Mental anxiety – Al Watan newspaper

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