The Syrian Arab Army has completed the task of recovering all of the locations that al-Nusra terrorists attempted to occupy again during a series of recent attacks on its positions in Idlib countryside, which resulted in dozens of deaths, hundreds of casualties and huge losses of equipment and weapons.
A field source indicated to Al-Watan that Syrian army units have redeployed in the villages of Rasm Al-Ward, Stables and Surooj in the eastern countryside of Idlib and have fully secured them after they managed to defeat the terrorists of Al-Nusra organization and its allies following the operations of repatriation and fleeing during the past few days.
The source said that the army fought fierce clashes with terrorists holding badges of Jabhat al-Nusra organization on the axis of Umm al-Tinah village in the southeastern Idlib countryside, and advanced to take control of new villages in the axes of Idlib countryside, pointing out that the army units continued their progress until achieving their military plan in Idlib countryside.
The source pointed out that the army units operating in the northwest of Hama countryside, heavy artillery pounded the sites and fortifications of terrorists in Sarmaniya and Dweir al-Kurds in the western countryside of Hama, investigating them directly, in response to their rocket attacks on the village of the pavement in the forest.
The source pointed out that the military units operating in Idlib countryside have flattened the locations of “Al-Nusra” and its allies, in Sahhal, Al-Tineh, Al-Burj and Al-Bressa in the eastern Idlib countryside, and in Hayesh, Maarat Harmah and Kafr Sanja in its southern countryside.
The source pointed out that the Syrian and Russian warplanes launched raids on terrorist sites and their positions in Haas and the vicinity of Maar Zeita, Kafr Nabl, Hayish, Al-Ghassaniyah, Sheikh Sindian, Al-Kinda, Marand, Kafrdin, Khirbet, Ihsim and Hazarin in the western, southern and southeastern Idlib countryside, which resulted in their complete destruction.
On the other hand, SANA reported that the terrorist groups used a rocket-propelled grenade at the town of al-Wadhihi in the southern countryside of Aleppo, which resulted in the death of a child and the injury of his mother and two brothers and material damage in their house, indicating that the wounded were taken to the university hospital to provide aid and treatment Medical necessary for them.
Meanwhile, in a French declaration reflecting in part the magnitude of the French-Turkish dispute, President Emmanuel Macron said that the Turkish regime’s forces are cooperating with terrorists linked to ISIS in their aggression on Syrian territory.
Speaking at a news conference with US President Donald Trump in London ahead of the NATO summit quoted by AFP, Macron said: When I look at Turkey, I see it sometimes working with fighters linked to ISIS, calling on the Turkish regime to Provide clarification on this during the Alliance Summit.
In addition, the newspaper «Nizavisimaya» Russian that «the mission of the Syrian Democratic Forces – SDF, consisting mainly of Kurdish militias, arrived in Saudi territory, to negotiate the future of the northeastern region of Syria, which is still under the control of these forces»!

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Macron: Turkish regime forces cooperate with ISIS-linked terrorists … Army continues its advance in Idlib countryside and regains more villages and towns

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