The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, issued a statement against US President Donald Trump’s statements by recognizing the “sovereignty” of the Israeli occupation entity on the occupied Syrian Arab Golan in his own name, That the value of Trump’s legal decision is equal to “zero”, which ended the role of America as a mediator of peace.
Yesterday, al-Jaafari met with Guterres in New York and informed him of the position of the Syrian Arab Republic rejecting and condemning Trump’s statements. Al-Jaafari asked the Secretary-General of the United Nations to issue an unequivocal official position confirming the firm position of the UN on the issue of the Israeli occupation Of the Syrian Arab Golan, stressing that the Syrian people are united today and more than ever to reject the American position and to confront the Israeli occupation of the occupied Golan by all possible means and which is recognized by international law and international legitimacy. “It was very clear that Guterres did not agree with what came out of Washington regarding the Golan,” al-Jaafari told al-Watan. “Diplomacy is not practiced on Twitter and countries do not respond with counter-propaganda.”
Al-Jaafari said Guterres assured him that he was the one who issued his statement on the Golan last Friday. The Secretary-General, in the presence of Jaafari, issued a second statement on behalf of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.
“The UN Security Council for this month is hopeless in its role because its presidency is French and France shares the Americans’ military, political and humanitarian aggression against Syria and was a party to the tripartite aggression against Syria on April 14, 2018,” Jaafari said. “I sent a strong official message on behalf of the Syrian government To the President of the Security Council informed him of the position of Damascus and demanded the Council to take action under the Charter and the provisions of international law ».
“We have chosen not to file a complaint in the Security Council so as not to hold a meeting and divert the subject from its direction and weaken the reference to Resolution 497 of 1981, because their intentions are not sound and the presidency is French-German and they are enemies of Syria absolutely,” Jaafari said.
On the truth of the talk «Israeli» on the establishment of Trump’s recognition of the “sovereignty” of the occupation entity on the Syrian Arab Golan yesterday during Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, Jaafari said: “Yes they will,” but stressed that the value of such a US decision is equal to zero, “There is no legal effect for the American recognition, but it is a dangerous escalation. It ended the role of the Americans as a peace mediator and there is no longer a so-called American mediator,” he said. Washington has its young followers to go in the same position from the occupied Syrian Golan Pressure them politically in the process of voting on the draft resolutions of the Golan in international forums, and despite any change if it does not affect the final outcome in favor of the Syrian Golan ».
He pointed out that “the timing of the American decision now comes in view of the many problems that Trump faces in the American interior, which makes him in need of the full support of the Jewish lobby financial and media, and Trump is tickling the feelings of millions of his supporters extremists among the evangelists who believe that meeting the demands Israel is a religious duty, “he explained.” Trump’s private lawyer has admitted against him, as well as everyone Trump expelled from their jobs, against him. He has many internal problems and needs the satisfaction of the Jewish lobby to solve them. “
Trump also wanted to convey a message to the Jewish lobby that he was “fighting Russia and Iran in Syria.”
Al-Jaafari said that the most important thing in the current scene is to link the issue of the Golan and the situation in the northeast of the country. The militias of the Syrian Democratic Forces are demanding that Damascus recognize self-rule before negotiations begin, meaning that they want with their American allies a policy of “fait accompli” , And the American statement on the Golan Heights also talked about the “fait accompli”, and there is something in diplomacy called “de facto” ie recognition of a false reality and not the right or the law ».
Qusad recently issued a statement calling for recognition of the so-called Kurdish “self-management” as a fait accompli, as a condition for entering into a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Look for a UN statement on behalf of Guterres regarding the occupied Golan today … Al-Jaafari for «homeland»: the value of Trump’s decision is equal to «zero» and ended the role of America as a mediator of peace

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