A member of the Board of Directors of the Austrian Arab Chamber of Commerce Leon Zaki, during a meeting of the Chamber in Vienna on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of its establishment, called for the lifting of unjust European and Arab economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, which increase the suffering and poverty of the Syrian citizen.
In a telephone conversation with «home» from Vienna, Zaki, it is time to take such action after the condemnation and rejection of most of those countries aggression.
Zaki explained that he called during bilateral meetings with representatives of Arab chambers and the Austrian party, to take their role as ambassadors to their governments and their countries, to convey the suffering of the Syrian people and citizens, “which has exacerbated the Western and Arab economic sanctions in order to earn a living.”
In his speech to the Arab, Austrian and European business sector, Zaki stressed the need for countries to represent the interests of their private and civil sectors. “You have your own interests in many projects ready for investment in Syria, and you should prepare yourselves from now on to the stage of the return of economic relations with them to begin the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the war. “Because the conditions are right for the war to come to an end and to seize unparalleled investment and economic opportunities worldwide.”
He pointed out that the representatives of Arab chambers of commerce, exporters and major Austrian companies have shown great interest in the Syrian market and the great investment opportunities provided in the future, pending the crystallization of their political positions and framing fruitful economic relations with the most important countries of the Eastern Mediterranean and the knot of connecting countries and continents of the world.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Leon Zaki of Vienna: Western economic sanctions exacerbate the suffering of Syrians

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