With determination and determination to preserve Syria’s unity, independence and sovereignty, the Syrian Arab Army continued to sweep the terrorist “Front of Victory” and its armed militias in the north of the country to liberate more towns, villages and sites.
The army regained control of the village of Hamra and Mazraat al-Samanah and the airport of the agricultural law from the grip of Nasra and allied armed militias, after heavy losses during the advance of Syrian army units in the northern countryside of Hama.
Al-Watan reported that the army fought fierce clashes with terrorists on other areas around the demilitarized zone in the north of the country, and targeted heavy artillery and warplanes along their positions, killing many and wounding others and destroying their equipment and headquarters.
In parallel, Syrian websites reported that the army controlled the town of immigrants in the northern Hama countryside after fighting with terrorist organizations.
On the parallel line, the Vice-President of the People’s Assembly Najdah Anzour, that the province of Idlib, will return to the control of the Syrian state as well as the eastern regions of the country, and said in a statement «home», about the battle of Idlib that «Doubt doubt certainty, that certainty did not leave us for a moment The unity of Syria land and people ».
Meanwhile, in conjunction with the military operation in the north of the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a news conference with his American counterpart Mike Pompeo, following their talks in Sochi yesterday: “With regard to Syria, we talked about the need to fully implement UN Security Council Resolution 2254 , The main item of which is respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria ».
“We have coordinated positions on a number of specific points, including the final elimination of terrorists on Syrian territory, the creation of conditions for the return of refugees, the resolution of humanitarian issues and the launching of the political process in the context of the formation of the Constitutional Commission,” Lavrov said.
“We talked about alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people, and we want to do everything in our power so that the Syrian territory will not be a haven for terrorists. We also discussed reducing the escalation in Idlib in northern Syria,” Pompeo said.
In the meantime, Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Chaouischoglu announced a close agreement on the formation of the constitutional committee after meeting with the head of the opposition negotiating body, Nasr Hariri.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

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