A member of the «Constitutional Committee» mini from the delegation of civil society Issam Zibaq, that we must wait for the coming days to see what will emerge from behind the scenes other than the conversations that are now visible and announced by the other party.
In parallel, the delegation member of the civil society, Mays Kreidi, revealed that very few members of the opposition delegation and their followers in the civil society delegation agree with the national delegation’s proposals on the subject of terrorism.
In a special interview with «Al Watan» from Geneva, Zebiq said: «In general there are contradictory views from all parties and there is no clear path so far», he added: «At the time we demanded to uphold sovereignty over the entire homeland and preserve the national wealth that steal and fight terrorism And condemning the US and Turkish invasion, there were people with their goals and objectives exceeded these topics ».
He continued: «the name of the Syrian Arab Republic and the liberation of all Syrian territory and the fight against terrorism and the lifting of unilateral sanctions unilaterally from Syria and the Syrian people, and the independence of the Syrian ideological army, all these principles are supposed to talk first so as to say that we have established the constants can be launched after.
“We have to wait for the coming days to see what will come out of behind the scenes other than the visible and public conversations that are before us now,” said al-Zaybak, who is also president of the Union of Craftsmen of Damascus.
Regarding the divisions in the civil society delegation, Zebiq said: “We are a civil society, but one saying for each of us.” As a civil society, some of us came from the Syrian Arab Republic and another came from more than one country. His ideology, belief and belonging come to defend their beliefs, while the other part of the people who live outside the hotels are not very concerned about what is going on. ” We residents of Syrian society convey the pain of the Syrian people and tell their pain.
As for whether there are intersections between the two sections of the civil society delegation residing in Damascus and those living abroad, he said: “There are intersections and we respect the other seven being Syrian only, but as a thought and opinion we each have his own opinion and opinion.” Each one of them has his own opinion and his direction and has a certain policy ».
For her part, in a special meeting with «home» from Geneva, said a member of the delegation of the mini-committee of the civil society delegation, Mays Kraidi: «Based on the interventions of some, especially those affiliated with the other party within the civil society delegation and within the delegation of the other party itself, there is consensus “We are on the subject of terrorism but they are few.”
She added: «We talked that we must give a side of confidence to the Syrian people, to raise the issue of consensus on the fight against terrorism, because this issue gives confidence to the Syrian people», and continued: «In addition, we talked about the economic file because the Syrian citizen is not as busy with our political record as it is busy “And how to deal with his current issues, so the economic issue must be present in our discussions.”
She explained: «The right to remain as the most important human right includes two parts: the first, the existence of existence, which requires the fight against terrorism, in the sense that the Syrian citizen is threatened by its existence because of terrorism, and the second part, is the economic factor and this factor is linked to the unilateral economic sanctions on Syria, this “The issue should be focused on as long as we talk.”
Kraidi said she had asked members of the mini-constitutional committee to personally boost the Syrian people’s confidence in the opposition. “We have always assumed that the Syrian people, who implicitly accuse the opposition parties of causing disasters, let us reassure them that we all demand the lifting of sanctions,” she said. “In this atmosphere, we must try to get closer to the Syrian people because we have a problem of not accepting with it,” she said.
She added: “I am trying to tell them how the Syrian citizen views us as opposition parties,” pointing out that some people boycotted it when the idea of ​​the Syrian people’s opinion was put to the opposition parties, explaining that “there are people in the opposition delegation and some members of the civil society delegation do not want to They hear this opinion. ”
She said: “In my opinion, the Syrian people have no confidence in the opposition, which is true.” She added: “We have a problem in explaining our attitudes to any spectrum of the Syrian people. There is a responsibility for the opposition regardless of my classification. Human rights, I was clear and I said that everyone who carries arms out of legitimacy for me is not an acceptable party at all, “and added:” In general I think the situation is acceptable so far and logical. “
Asked whether it was clear from the interventions that there was a difference between those who belong to the Saudi regime from those of the Turkish regime, she said: “In the civil society delegation, there are clearly those who are more radical than the opposition itself. “But we will try to avoid and abide by the rules of conduct and offer a process of mutual respect.”
“I think that after nine years of war, people have become categorized and clear in their attitudes and known from their speeches, behavior and history, and this issue is never lost sight of our minds,” she concluded.
Al-Watan learned from private sources that the opposition delegation caved in during the sessions of the mini-constitutional committee the day before yesterday for the ideas presented by the government-backed delegation. The sources said that the committee’s work was described as “good” the day before yesterday because it happened “as it wanted” National delegation »during the sessions.
She pointed out that a member of the civil society delegation, Ali Abbas made an intervention in which he said: «Is it possible that there are two different people on the subject of terrorism», and continued: «It is possible to have a constitutional article emphasizing the fight against terrorism and renounce violence and restrict the use of force by the state and this is consistent with the principles The twelve, and therefore any faction and any person who took up arms in isolation from the state, is a terrorist act of violence, ”he said.“ I hope this is part of the preamble of the constitution, by emphasizing Syria’s contribution to the fight against global terrorism. ”
The sources stressed that he did not comment and no member of any delegation objected to the proposal of Abbas, and pointed out that when the opposition delegation member, Jamal Suleiman, said: I agree with Mr. Ali Abbas on the subject of combating terrorism raised.
The sources said that the idea was registered as “an idea agreed to be included in a constitutional clause”, at the request of the civil society delegation. The sources confirmed that “no one objected to this.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Kraidi: Some members of the opposition delegation and their followers in the «civil» agreed with the proposals of the national delegation on terrorism … Zebek: Let’s wait and see what will emerge from behind the scenes of the other party

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