After their continued breaches led to the collapse of the ceasefire in the north, the terrorists stepped up their attacks on safe villages in the western countryside of Hama, and martyrs and wounded civilians fell, which the army responded and killed dozens of them and destroyed a large number of their equipment.
In a detail, a field source told Al-Watan that terrorist groups stationed in the demilitarized zone of the northwestern Hama countryside attacked missiles on the villages of al-Jaid, Ain Salimo, Mazra’a al-Hakoura and Jourin in the western Ghab plain, killing a girl from Ain Salimo village and Cheb Majd Emad. Rajab from Al-Jaid town and 6 others, including a child, were injured.
The source explained that the warplanes responded to these attacks, and targeted terrorist sites in the city of Kafr Zeta and the villages of fisherman Zakat, which led to the death and injury of many of them and the destruction of their materiel.
With heavy artillery, the army also stationed terrorist outposts in the villages of Ziara, Daqmaq, Hamidiya, Hawija, Hawash and Sarmaina in the northwestern Hama countryside, killing and wounding dozens of its gunmen and seriously wounding others. Al-Ankawi and Khirbet al-Naous in the plain of the jungle, which cost them great losses in personnel and gear.
In turn, warplanes launched a series of raids on terrorist positions in Khan Sheikhoun, Ma’aret al-Numan, the villages of al-Tamanea, Sheikh Dams, Mudaya, Hayish, the vicinity of Tahtaya, Tal ‘Aas and Kafr Ein in the southern countryside of Idlib, killing and wounding many of them and destroying their materiel as well.
The ceasefire agreement in the Idlib Reduction Zone collapsed yesterday and the Syrian Arab Army resumed its operations against terrorist organizations and armed militias in the region as terrorists continued their breaches of the agreement announced last night.
For its part, SANA news agency reported yesterday that the rocket attacks by terrorists on the villages of Goren, Al-Jaid and Ain Salimo resulted in the death of a child and a woman, injuring six civilians and damaging the houses and their property.
This came, while the areas of control of the terrorist organization «Jabhat al-Nusra» in Idlib and its countryside continue to live on the escalating security chaos, where a decomposing body of a man was found thrown in agricultural land near the axes of fighting between the village of Jzraya and Toukan on the administrative border between the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group, said it was part of an armed militia.
In the meantime, a civilian was martyred, shot by Turkish border guards «Gendarma», while trying to enter Turkish territory from the border areas in rural Idlib, according to the «Observatory» opposition.
In the areas of control of armed militias loyal to the Turkish occupation, two of those militias were killed in twin bombings in Jarablus city of Aleppo countryside.
The Anatolia news agency quoted local sources as saying: The first explosion targeted the car of a member of the so-called «local council of the city», while the second targeted a car belonging to the militia «Free Army».
The sources pointed out that gunmen from the «Free militia» killed and wounded a civilian in the bombings, which occurred in the center of the city, and a short interval between them, while no one claimed responsibility for the operation.
Meanwhile, clashes erupted between Kurdish militias and armed militias loyal to the Turkish occupation on Monday night in the countryside of Aleppo, according to «Observatory», accompanied by shelling and mutual targets, amid reports of casualties between the two sides.

In parallel, according to «Observatory» killed three gunmen a joint checkpoint of the Turkish occupation forces and armed militias loyal to them in the countryside of the city of Afrin, west of Aleppo, including a Turkish soldier, as a result of unidentified gunmen targeting the checkpoint with a grenade and gunfire.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Killing and wounding 9 civilians .. And security chaos raging Erdogan militias … In response to the escalation of their attacks … The army bloody terrorists in Hama countryside

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