The Syrian Arab Army has taught terrorists of the National Liberation Front (FNL) militia, funded by Turkey, and other terrorist organizations allied to it, especially Jabhat al-Nusra, during an encirclement of the breach they inflicted in their areas of influence last week in the southeastern countryside of Idlib. Which came under his reign yesterday.
A field source told Al-Watan that the Syrian army regained yesterday all the villages and sites it has come to since the start of its military operation on the 25th of last month, such as the villages of Surooj, Rasm al-Ward, Ajaz, Stables, Musharrafa, Sarraf and Sarja.
He pointed out that the army, after bringing military reinforcements to the region, opened the gates of hell towards the terrorists and their deployment points before they could fortify them, and wounded and dozens of them, including leaders were transferred to Turkish hospitals for treatment.
The source pointed out that the Syrian army used a large firebomb, and used all the necessary firearms in the battle, especially the air force, which was supported by the Russian Air Force, investigating confirmed injuries along the fronts of the fighting and in the rear supply lines of the terrorists, as in Hass, Maarat Harmah, Hish and Kafr Nabl Kensfra, Babolin and Sheikh Idris in the southern and southeastern Idlib countryside, pointing out that the aerial bombardment also affected a control center and ammunition depot belonging to «Nasra», in the village of Arab Said deep in Idlib west of the center of the province.
He explained that the fighting is still going on along the fronts of fighting until yesterday evening with the desperation of the terrorists to cause a new breach and in an effort to them, and the Turkish support is unrivaled, to modify the balance of forces that tend to benefit the Syrian army determined to defeat terrorism from every inch of Syrian territory.
Military experts told Al-Watan that the Turkish regime had taken a decision to throw its weight behind the terrorists to prevent their defeat in the “demilitarized zone,” which the Sochi Agreement provided for their withdrawal, as well as the amended version of the agreement at the end of August, which also provides The terrorists withdrew from the international roads linking Aleppo to Hama and Lattakia, in return for halting the Syrian army operation that started earlier and cleared large areas north of Hama and south of Idlib.It was on its way to liberate the highway of Aleppo Hama without the ceasefire that came with a unilateral Russian initiative and adhered to it Army fence From one side also.
In addition, a military source told Russia Today website that the Abu Al-Zindain crossing was opened in Al-Bab countryside, which connects the rural areas of Aleppo and Idlib with Aleppo and areas of the Syrian state to humanitarian cases.
The source added that the internal transport bus is present every day to transport humanitarian cases from the housing position at Al-Sakhour roundabout at Al-Louz Dam Junction.
These developments in the Idlib countryside coincide with the reinforcement of the army units from their deployment on the international road of al-Hasakah Aleppo, where they entered the village of western Sousse and Al-Silo grain facility in Ras al-Ain countryside amid the welcome and joy of the people.
Later, SANA reported that army units entered the villages of Suwayfa and Najdiya in the southern countryside of Ras al-Ain, after the army units were deployed during last month in several cities, villages and towns in the east of the Euphrates, and on the Syrian-Turkish border in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah The countryside of Ras al-Ain is east, reaching Qamishli in the east and its points are fixed on an axis extending about 90 km.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Killed dozens of terrorists .. And the people welcome the entry of his forces Western Sousse and grain silos high in the countryside of Ras al-Ain … The army regains control of the advance areas east of Idlib

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