Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasbkin stressed that the idea of ​​the ultimate elimination of terrorism in Syria is still in place and that the priority for the Russians is to work to restore the situation in Syria and encourage political settlement in the country.
Zasbkin spoke in a television interview with Al-Hadath on Al-Alam TV channel to explain what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: The war in Syria is already over.
“As far as the issues are concerned, Lavrov focused on the prevailing mood and the basic mood after the liberation of most of the Syrian territory and the return of normalcy in the Syrian territories gradually,” Zasbkin said. The situation in Syria and the promotion of political settlement in the country on the basis that the mechanism for this settlement exists and must work to activate ».
Zasbkin pointed out that when Russia talks about the situation and events in Idlib and east of the Euphrates, this means that the problems still exist in Syria and can not be ignored, which means that solutions must be found. Regarding Idlib and the developments of the ceasefire there.
The Russian Foreign Minister said earlier, according to the website «Russia Today» website: «The war has already ended in Syria, and this country is gradually returning to normal life peaceful, pointing out that there remained hotspots of tension in the territories that do not control The Syrian government, for example, in Idlib and east of the Euphrates. ”
He pointed out that in the current circumstances, the tasks of providing comprehensive humanitarian assistance to Syria and pushing the political process to resolve the crisis to achieve credible and long-term stability in this country, as well as in the whole Middle East region, arises in the first place.
“We believe that the formation and launching of a committee aimed at developing constitutional reform will be an important step in advancing the Syrian-led political process and implemented with the assistance of the United Nations,” he said. The future of the country.
He noted that Moscow “attaches great importance to maintaining regular contacts with all Syrian parties, including the opposition,” and also calls for the widest possible representation of all segments of Syrian society in the political process.
He pointed out that the opposition plays an important role because it participates in the joint Syrian contacts in Geneva and in the meetings within the Astana talks, adding, “Opposition representatives should also enter the Constitutional Committee, so we believe that the opponents can and should, Make a constructive contribution to a comprehensive political settlement process in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

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