The armed militias, led by the Revolutionary Commanders Army, which operates under US command and control of the Rikban camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border, continue to impede the exit of civilians held hostage.
The sources indicated that the humanitarian situation was worsening within the camp, and that thousands of Syrian refugees displaced by terrorism, who were being held in captivity by force at gunpoint, were currently suffering from a lack of health care and lack of food, while the militias monopolized all living resources from health, food and food items.
Later in the day, the heads of the Russian and Syrian coordination headquarters announced in a joint statement that America’s representatives were contradicting each other about the information about al-Rikban camp. “We have repeatedly pointed to the hypocrisy of the American side, which professes its attachment to human values, The same time does nothing to implement it ».
On the other hand, the Jordanian website “Rai al-Youm” reported that the Jordanian parliamentarian Abdul Karim al-Daghami will again raise the issue of interference by the American Trade Attaché under the parliament. He pointed out that a number of members of parliament moved by signing a memorandum calling for the release Trade relations with Syria to preserve Jordanian national interests.
Meanwhile, the Hawar Kurdish news agency reported that the Kurdish parties and political blocs are preparing to hold an expanded meeting today in the framework of the second phase of the initiative to reach a common formula for unifying the Kurdish ranks in the face of schemes targeting the Kurds.
In a related context, the spokesman of the “Council of Syria-Democratic-oppressor”, Amjad Osman, that the world, owed to the «Syrian Democratic forces – a curse», because it fought a calling organization, said: «must represent« the Syrian Democratic Council – Any political solution to the Syrian crisis », as he put it.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Jordanian MPs demand the launch of trade relations with Syria … «Commanders of the revolution» continues to besiege «Rugban» and obstruct the exit of civilians!

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