The circle of countries rejecting the statements of US President Donald Trump has expanded on its intention to recognize the “sovereignty” of the Israeli occupation over the occupied part of the Syrian Arab Golan with the accession of Japan to it, in addition to the widening circle of Arab parties and currents condemning these statements.
“We strongly affirm that the government’s policy has never changed and Japan’s position is not to recognize Israel’s annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan,” the Japanese government’s secretary-general, Yoshihida Suga, said in a televised statement.
Over the past few days, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Cuba, Britain, Germany and the European Union have condemned Trump’s statements and have rejected them.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova promised to correct media work on the Crimean Peninsula in light of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement on the Trump decision on the Golan Heights.
“That is why Washington and Brussels are doing their best to prevent the world from recognizing the real situation in the Crimea, otherwise it will be recognized automatically, as we understand from the logic of the secretary of state,” Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page. . We understood everything and we will correct the media action strategy. Thank you, Mr. Pompeo. “
Pompio claimed that his country’s intention to consider the Golan an “Israeli land” against the background of the situation around the Crimea does not indicate the US practice of double standards. He also claimed that the Trump decision on the Golan is to recognize the real situation there and the situation in the necessary security To protect the Israeli state. Zacharova said a few days ago: Changing the status of the Golan Heights by circumventing UN Security Council resolutions is a direct violation of UN resolutions.
For its part, quoted the magazine «Contra» German Foreign Minister Haiku Mas yesterday: «Our position has not changed this issue and we do not recognize the decision to annex« Israel »of the Golan and the decisions of the Security Council», pointing out that «the Golan part of Syria» , According to «SANA».
A spokeswoman for the German government, Ulrich Demer, confirmed last Friday that the Golan is Syrian land occupied by «Israel» and that its government rejects unilateral steps in it.
In a speech to the House of Representatives, the head of the Jordanian parliament, Atef Al-Tarawneh, said at the start of a session of his council yesterday: “Recently, American voices have been trying to change the facts and overcome the rights. The statement by US President Donald Trump, in which he called for recognition of the sovereignty of the Israeli occupying state on the Syrian Golan, A new step of American bias and its withdrawal as an honest and impartial mediator of the peace process that is supposed to seek to end the Arab-Israeli conflict on the basis of the return of rights to its legitimate owners. “
In turn, the Director of the Political Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Ambassador Anwar Abdul Hadi condemned Trump’s statements about the occupied Syrian Golan, saying that it aims to destabilize security and stability in the Middle East after the failure of the so-called “Arab Spring” Racism.
“It is possible, and not surprising, that (Trump) declares that Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) under Israeli sovereignty in order to preserve its security, stressing that” Trump’s decision Will not change anything, and the Golan is a Syrian Arab land that he wills. “
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement yesterday condemning Trump’s appeal and confirmed its rejection of the statement.
The Egyptian Congress Party strongly condemned Trump’s statements as “provocative.” The statement said that “these statements are rejected by the entire world, which is well aware that the Golan is Syrian territory occupied by the Israeli entity.”
For its part, the General Secretariat of the «organization of correcting the popular Nasserite Yemeni» condemned the statements of the American president also, saying in a statement according to «SANA» that these statements hostile to the rights of the Syrian people in the liberation of its occupied land and contrary to international resolutions reveal new evidence of the extent of dependence of this administration Barbarism with the Zionist project in the Arab region.
And called on all the free political forces in the world to stand with the Syrian people in rejecting those statements and American efforts and supporting the people of Syria free and resisting in his holy battle to liberate the land and cleanse of the invaders and their tools.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Japan: We will not recognize it .. Moscow: violation of the resolutions of the United Nations .. The PLO: the nation must wake up … The expansion of the international circle rejecting Trump’s intention to include «Israel» Golan

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