The scenes of what is happening on the Syrian border in the north and the Turkish intentions to launch a new aggression on the Syrian territories in the east of the Euphrates region, which in turn has preoccupied the world and its politicians, have not overshadowed the American president’s contradictory statements and swinging positions between his allies Turkey and the SDF militia.
The American president, who concluded the day before yesterday with fiery statements affirming his country’s intention to withdraw from Syrian territory, where «silly wars endless», and that «the Kurds have received huge sums and huge equipment have been fighting Turkey for decades», and «Turkey, Europe, Syria and Russia Iran, Iraq and the Kurds, to settle the situation in northern Syria after the departure of US forces, he reiterated that it is possible to start the process of withdrawal from Syria, «but we have not abandoned the Kurds in any way, who represent a special people and excellent fighters»!
The US president’s assertion of his intention to withdraw from Syria and deny these intentions, and his announcement of his abandonment of «SDF» and praise them later, was not the last contradictions that came out of the tweets «Twitter» in the past hours, while Turkey threatened that any combat operations are not justified and unnecessary by it, It will have devastating consequences for its economy and its very fragile national currency, reminding it that his country supports the Kurds financially and through weapons! He reiterated that many easily forget that Turkey is a great partner for the United States, an important member of NATO, and Washington’s relations with NATO in trade and trade, very good!
Confusion in US positions and Washington’s intention to withdraw from Syria were heard directly in Israel, where the Israeli media launched a violent attack on the American president, describing him as “talkative” and “reckless,” amid allegations that the occupation entity was surprised by his decision to allow the Turkish regime to carry out a military operation. Against Kurdish militias east of the Euphrates, Israeli newspapers reported that «Israel was surprised by Trump’s decision, allowing the Turkish president to begin a military operation east of the Euphrates».
The contradictory indications coming from the United States seem to have prompted the Turkish regime to wait for any move that Washington is not satisfied with. The consistent and clear positions issued by the Damascus allies provided a clear indication that Russia and Iran reject any Turkish field steps that affect Syrian sovereignty. The participants in the meeting discussed in detail the situation in Syria against the backdrop of the escalation in the north-east of the country, and exchanged views on the commencement of the work of the committee, said Kremlin press spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The confidentiality of the Syrian », and added Peskov: It« was confirmed that it is important at this stage to avoid any actions that would impede the peaceful settlement in Syria ».
For its part, Tehran rejected by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of any military action, and during a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif on «respect for the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Syria, and stressed the need to combat terrorism and bring stability and security in Syria».
In the face of Turkish threats to Syria, two Arab positions emerged, expressed by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who declared “total rejection of attempts to use force and cut off part of Syrian territory and impose a new fait accompli in the region, in violation of international norms and laws.”
The second Arab position appeared through the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash, in a tweet: “The dangerous developments surrounding Syria are only repercussions of the current Arab division,” he said. The seeds of sustainable crises told by the current divide »!

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Iran and Russia demand respect for Syrian sovereignty .. and UAE calls for the return of the Arab regional system! His contradictory positions confuse his allies .. Trump: We will not abandon the Kurds and Turkey is a great partner!

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