Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the need to eliminate terrorism in Syria and the withdrawal of all foreign forces from them, and the return of areas of northeastern Syria to the control of the Syrian government, while Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed the support of the territorial integrity of Syria and the continued fight against terrorism until its elimination in Idlib. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan praised the Astana formula in a sign that he is bowing to the demands of his Russian and Iranian counterparts.
At a joint press conference of the heads of the guarantor countries of the Astana track, which they held following a summit meeting in Ankara, the fifth of its kind, President Putin said at the conference, which was broadcast by several satellite channels: The final statement confirms the continuation of work to find a political solution in Syria, adding: The Constitutional Commission in Geneva as soon as possible, because this will contribute significantly to the resolution of the Syrian crisis.
“Idlib is controlled by al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organizations, and Russia is ready to give all support to the Syrian army to carry out operations against terrorists in Idlib,” he said, stressing that the US military presence on Syrian territory is illegal and everyone knows this as we await the implementation of Trump’s decision to withdraw his troops. .
He continued: After the elimination of terrorism must withdraw all foreign forces from Syrian territory.
“In northeastern Syria there are sleeping terrorist cells and security in this region can only be achieved by the return of Syrian government control,” Putin said.
In turn, the Iranian president said: We support the territorial integrity of Syria and we all stand against the illegal military presence that arrived without an invitation from the Syrian government, adding: America’s bad intentions are against the Syrian people and the Americans’ steps violate Syrian sovereignty, stressing the continuation of the fight against terrorism until its elimination in Idlib .
Rouhani explained that the formation of the Constitutional Committee has been completed and we expect to start its work as soon as possible.
For his part, Erdogan described the meetings as “constructive” and the summit as “fruitful”, noting that “we discussed all issues related to the Syrian settlement,” adding: We decided to coordinate the work to reach the final formation of the Constitutional Committee and discussed the situation in the east of the Euphrates.
He stressed that the three countries made a number of important decisions during the summit that give hope for a political settlement in Syria.
Earlier in a speech during the opening of the summit held in Ankara, the Russian President pointed out according to the website «Russia Today», that the Astana process, «is an effective mechanism to contribute to the settlement of the Syrian crisis».
Putin expressed concern over the situation in northeastern Syria, stressing that “security issues in this region and in other regions of the country should be solved solely on the basis of the principle of preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.” To areas of influence ».
He pointed out that the continued fight against terrorism in Syria remains an urgent issue, as the situation in Idlib, which is witnessing an increase in the activity of terrorist organizations, is of great concern, stressing that «the de-escalation zone should not remain a haven for various extremists and should be considered a platform for provocations. Armed », adding: that additional joint steps must be taken to completely remove the terrorist threat in Idlib.
He stressed that it is necessary to launch the work of the Constitutional Commission in Geneva, noting that the composition of the Commission has been fully defined, and noted that it is necessary to provide humanitarian assistance to all Syrians without any discrimination, politicization or preconditions.
In turn, the Iranian president reiterated during the opening of the summit, according to the SANA news agency, that the solution to the crisis in Syria is political and that only the Syrian people determine the future of his country without any external pressure or interference, pointing out that the Astana track stressed to continue the fight against terrorism to eradicate Its roots.
Rouhani pointed to the need to preserve the unity of the Syrian territories and respect for its sovereignty and independence and non-interference in its internal affairs in addition to continuing to fight terrorism and contribute to reconstruction and assistance in the return of the displaced after the Syrian state created the necessary conditions for this.
He said that the illegal presence of US forces on Syrian territory threatens its unity and sovereignty as an independent state and a member of the United Nations, noting that US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of his troops from Syria, but we have not seen the application of this on the ground. Areas where they were spread to the Syrian state authority.
Rouhani explained that the entity of the Israeli enemy has stepped up its attacks on Syrian territory in recent months and threatened Iran and Lebanon. These actions are illegal and will increase tension in the region, stressing that every country has the right to defend itself.
For his part, Erdogan said during the opening, according to «Russia today», that the Astana formula remains the only platform for the Syrian settlement, stressing that «to ensure peace and stability in Syria, we need to work more seriously».
Erdogan stressed that the political solution to the Syrian crisis depends on the efforts of Russia, Turkey and Iran, and pointed out that the most pressing issues in the current period is the situation in Idlib and east of the Euphrates and the issue of displaced people.
Before the summit began, Putin met with Erdogan. “We talked in sufficient detail about the Syrian crisis and ways to resolve it. We talked about bilateral cooperation in almost all areas,” he said.
He added: «We can say that the work« to agree on the list of members of the Constitutional Committee »has been completed as a whole. “The only thing we have to do is to ensure that the mechanism of work of this committee is approved and, above all, that the members of this committee behave independently enough and without any external pressure.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

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