In the midst of events in the Arab world, whether electoral events in Tunisia and Algeria, for example, or mobility, as in the case of Sudan, Lebanon and Iraq, the phrase “independent national decision” and the rejection of foreign interventions by all parties. In fact, most of the battles fought by different Arab and non-Arab countries, such as Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Chile, are about the independent national decision, because what we are witnessing the viciousness of the former colonial countries, which are still colonial, but in different ways, as usual within their old policy “divide and rule” centuries ago is an attempt to force In other ways, they brute the wealth of peoples and provoke sectarian and political strife among the people of these societies. While I am aware that the reader is tired of diagnosing such cases and wants to propose solutions that enable him to live safely and decent and quiet work in his country, I say that the diagnosis of the conditions of our countries was never complete because we are not the only ones who write our history and we are not the only ones who feed the minds of our children and our children with convictions and values ​​that We want to carry it. None of the countries targeted today has a single account of any event, disaster, or faltering action, because none of those who have lived a true history did not contribute to its writing and did not even want to list their memoirs for fear of offending a person, family, city or country. Despite the greed for the wealth and geographical location of the Arab world, there is no doubt that the level of security, services and living in these countries was not only due to the existence of colonial schemes, but it was Also due to no waves These schemes have the same ingenuity and the same mechanisms of action used by our enemies and adversaries. Today, every Arab country commemorates the independence of the middle of the last century, but there is no accurate reading of what has been done after this independence nor the gaps that the enemy was able to implement, nor is there a single or agreed reading of any historical event that these countries have experienced. Any assessment of any element of life makes merely a point of view, and the difference between those who teach and those who do not know disappears, even though the divine question is clear and explicit in the Holy Qur’an, “Are those who know and those who do not know” equal to what Allah Almighty has said? . Thousands of immigrant and non-immigrant energies, however, often find no outlet to work in the field in which they create and sometimes respond to flimsy administrative arguments unrelated to science, achievement, and excellence.While man has set the law to regulate the rhythm of his life and work and to be able to To differentiate between fat and fat from giving on the one hand and robbery and opportunism on the other, some in our countries have turned some laws into handcuffs that prevent the wheel from turning and puts the place of fat in response to laws, customs and schemes that never claimed to lead any society to prosperity and excellence.
The problem is that we improve the tradition of the West in all that wastes our time and eliminates the useful of our history, our agriculture, our industry and our food.We conduct everything that the West has produced, even if it contradicts the nature of our lives, our strengths and geography, to which we, after independence, have not laid the foundations for new stages that are precisely diagnosed. What the colonizer wanted from our countries and responds to him by acting not by saying, and puts the visions and strategies that guarantee a qualitative leap that establishes a national community culture far from the architectural views left behind by the enemy and planted and works to irrigate them constantly in our neighborhoods, villages and cities and between us wherever we are, How else does the brother kill his brother under the pretext of reform and how to turn the strife into sectarian strife which only benefits the colonizer after he changed the methods and methods of colonization of bringing armies to instill principles and ideas in the minds of generations in order to serve his plans and without costing himself the burden of mobilizing energies or bringing military forces? This is because we did not believe in the principle of dialogue and to address differences no matter how deep and great through dialogue and not through the exclusion or marginalization of the other or to charge him, and also always as a result of the supremacy of personal benefit to the higher national interest, and also as a result of the use of the least efficient capacity for personal considerations as well as exclusion If everyone believes that the interest of the nation is above all else, their differences, no matter how great, will only lead to the interest of the country in all fields. When the war on Syria began, I said that the first target in this country is its national decision. It has become clear that those who made this decision do not have their own independent decision even in their own countries. Today, nine years later, we have seen snowball rolling even on the countries that financed the war on Syria and robbed it of the appearance of an independent resolution and national dignity. West to the mechanisms of work and permanent dialogues and institutions and always agree on the common ground, whatever the initial differences between them, or do not see them meet across the ocean to discuss the situation of Lebanon and the situation of Iraq and movement in these two countries? They also gather to conspire against Syria, while the Arabs do not have such flexibility and meet to discuss every small and large until they find the safest way to run the country.
There is no doubt also that the target today in more than one Arab country is the independent decision and the rejection of foreign interventions. Do the administrators of this country have reached this stage of awareness or do they say what satisfies voters and the masses without real work to establish its foundations? It is a difficult labor that is waged by more than an Arab country, and awareness, patience, real, honest and national action are weapons in this fateful battle.
I see the brothers in Lebanon and Iraq in the squares claim that the solution is the resignation of governments! I wonder if they thought what the next step would be and how could the resignation of the remaining hope of maintaining order or deter chaos help to create a better situation and services that meet the aspirations of the masses? They may not think that the main purpose of fueling feelings in this way is to target the pillars of hope by an independent national decision, and may not think to them that there are those who study their steps and movements and directed to serve its goals away from their interests and the interests of their countries and their peoples, there is no difference in the need for reform Performance in all of our Arab countries, but how and when we can reach this without the innocent emotions being abducted and harnessed to increase the suffering of these masses and deny them the ability to reach an independent national decision or preserve some of what they have, because we see that the first target They tried to install a step Shy towards an independent national decision.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Independent National Decision

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