The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) appealed yesterday for information on the whereabouts of three of its employees kidnapped in Syria more than five years ago, explaining that one of the employees was detained by the terrorist organization. In a statement received by al-Watan, the committee said it was “making a public appeal for information about three of its employees who were kidnapped in Syria more than five years ago.”
Louisa McAfee is a New Zealand nurse, experienced, dedicated and diligent. She has undertaken 17 field missions with the ICRC and the New Zealand Red Cross.
As for the two remaining abductees, they call for “Alaa Rajab and Nabil Qadmouns, two Syrian nationals who were drivers of the ICRC and who are delivering humanitarian aid in the country,” according to the statement, indicating that they are married and have children.
The statement added that the three were kidnapped “while traveling with one of the Red Cross convoys, which were carrying supplies to medical facilities in Idlib, northwest of Syria, when gunmen stopped their vehicles on October 13, 2013».
“The gunmen abducted seven people and released four of the kidnappers the next day,” the ICRC said in a statement.
“After the first weeks of kidnapping our colleagues Alaa and Nabil, unfortunately we lost their impact and we could not get any information about them,” said the media delegate to the ICRC delegation in Syria, Ahmed Abu Ghazaleh, pointing out that the committee has no information about Where they are, despite their relentless efforts to access information about them.
The organization of the terrorist “Front of Victory” and allied terrorist organizations and a number of armed militias control the province of Idlib.
“But our colleague Luisa has provided us with reliable information that it has existed over the past year,” said Abu Ghazaleh. “We also received many information about her movement to many areas that were controlled by the organization such as Raqqa and were seen there, Its existence was in 2018. “
Abu Ghazaleh explained that with the loss of a calling organization for his last strongholds in eastern Syria, we also lost any information about the presence of Luisa, and we are trying to obtain any information regarding Luisa, Ala and Nabil.
The statement quoted ICRC Director of Operations Dominique Stellhart as calling for “anyone who has information about these three people to make.”
“If our colleagues are still being held, we call for their immediate and unconditional release,” he said.
According to Stahlhart, the committee decided to publish the names of its abducted employees now in order to “appreciate their hardship and suffering” and “to know our three colleagues that we never stopped looking for them, and that we are still doing our best to find them.”
Currently, there are 98 foreigners and 580 Syrians working for the ICRC in Syria.
According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the organization of the preacher of the terrorist kidnapped thousands of people since he took control of vast areas in Syria and Iraq in 2014, noting that if the vast majority of those kidnapped in Syria are Syrian citizens, including a few foreigners.
On March 23, the “Syrian Democratic Forces – Qusd”, backed by the US-led “International Alliance” claiming to fight terrorism, announced the “defeat” of an organization calling for its last pockets in the eastern part of the Euphrates.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Including a New Zealand nurse detained by a … Red Cross appeals for information on three employees kidnapped in Syria

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