If you have the option and life is presented with a menu menu «Hayat» What age do you really want to live «in the menu of life»:
Stone Age and beginnings or medieval or modern centuries or the future?
I mean, if you want to live in the stage of caves and the beginnings of adaptation and life or in that stage where the prophets came, or if you wish to be in Noah’s Ark, or participated in the World War, or perhaps you wish to be in the era of travel on camels Or, you might want to live now in this age where everything is available from war to space and…… or even nitrogen freezing to bring life to the future.
As for the future, what we see there is an idea to become a “bird” and the man who crossed the English Channel is a promising start … They also say that in 2025 there will be a hotel on the moon can spend a week of tourism.
The idea that you have benevolence is just an intellectual assumption…. But it has its meaning and significance?
We often hear that people are lucky to have lived this or that era.
In the pre-war period, I felt very fortunate to have experienced this transformation between two eras… I lived the period of lighting on kerosene and heating on babur, and now I write my corner on the mobile and send it in seconds and publish it in milliseconds… .
But are future generations more fortunate than previous generations, and I am talking here about the millions of generations whose experiences have been bittersweet and bitter.
There is no doubt that civilizations are a cumulative act, and what we see now is only the result of previous efforts.
I’m still with you with the default question…. What age would you choose if you were benevolent?
I will assume that most of us wish that his presence was postponed to that time when he could ride his legs and fly towards the moon and pass on Saturn… Meaning that most of you wish if he lives in the future.
Ok…. Here the bottom line is no assumptions now… Why is the Arab nation determined to live in the past?
Why this pathological nostalgia for the above? Why restore the tribe’s mind tribal and religious?
Why our heroes of the past?
Perhaps this question was asked in different forms and was attempted to analyze it psychologically and historically, but we could not find medicine for it.
In Syria, we only have to think about the future, because the restoration of only nine years is enough to remain in a vicious circle… Syria desperately needs the future…

– People are looking for a dream interpreter, and I’m looking for someone who actually explains me.
– The secret of the health of mind and body lies in not crying for the past and not worry about the future and not expect calamities, but live the present wisely.
– If we start a battle between the past and the present we will find that we lost the future.
– Happiness is not an escape from reality and its tragedies, but freedom from its influence in us and its control over us.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

In what age would you like to live?

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