Minister of Tourism Mohamed Rami Martini revealed that the ministry is in the process of issuing new resolutions, including the amendment of resolutions 198 and 208 and others to give good advantages to investors and improve the return on their investments and provide financing for them in addition to self-financing, stressing that banks give priority to finance profitable tourism projects and support investment in this area.
Under the auspices of Prime Minister Imad Khamis, under the slogan «Tourism Investment Sustainable Development and Job Opportunities», the Ministry of Tourism held yesterday at the city of Tartous a forum for tourism investment in the presence of a remarkable presence of ministers, governors, ambassadors and local and non-local investors and media.
In a speech at the forum, Martini stressed that the number of projects presented in the forum amounted to 62 and the value of up to 400 billion pounds, including forty for public bodies and twenty-two for the private sector provides about 7 thousand jobs in the governorates, explaining that the opportunities available to investors through these sites is very important and possible Not to be repeated in the coming days.
Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Samer Al-Khalil said in a statement to Al-Watan that the forum this year is of special importance to reflect the start of economic recovery in Syria in various fields, in addition to the widening circle of stability and security over a large area of ​​the country.
For his part, Minister of Transport Ali Hammoud told Al-Watan: There is no doubt that the establishment of the forum has the importance and prestige of this province, which deserves a lot of attention and support.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

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