Opposition sources close to Turkey revealed that Ankara has promised Moscow to seriously engage in counter-terrorism efforts in the last “de-escalation zone” in Idlib and its surrounding countryside in northwestern Syria, and to expand the borders of the “demilitarized zone”, the borders of which were drawn by the Sochi Agreement between the two presidents. Russia and Turkey in mid-September, in return for the continuation of the truce under the cease-fire resolution in force since 31 last month.
Sources close to the militia «National Liberation Front» operating in Idlib and the so-called «National Army» formed by Turkey in the northern and northeastern rural Aleppo, told «homeland» that the Russian-Turkish military negotiations and through the Joint Coordination Committee, reached important «understandings» Regarding the situation in Idlib, the two heads of state approved it during their meeting in Moscow on 28th of last month, and it was confirmed during the bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the tripartite summit of the guarantors of the Astana track, which provides for the continuation of the “temporary” cease-fire. , To fight terror organizations It is represented by «HTS» and its backbone «Jabhat al-Nusra», and other organizations loyal and associated with al-Qaeda, such as «Guards of religion» and others.
While the sources did not confirm the participation of armed groups, which accepted to join the negotiations «Astana» in various rounds, in the fight «victory» and terrorist organizations in «de-escalation», it considered that the Turkish army and through the 12 checkpoints are unable to engage in battles against terrorists without the participation of his militias In Idlib, in the so-called olive branch and Euphrates Shield north and northeast of Aleppo.
The sources pointed out that the militias «Euphrates Shield» integrated in the «National Army», expressed its willingness to engage in efforts to combat terrorists «de-escalation» in Idlib, if requested by Turkey, despite its participation in fighting alongside it against the Syrian Arab Army in rural battles Northern Aleppo, North-West and the southern countryside of Idlib, which the Syrian army settled for its benefit before the announcement of the last truce.
The sources pointed out to Al-Watan that the leaks from the Turkish regime did not specify a period of time to finish the fight against “de-escalation”, nor the time period it requested to prolong the life of the ceasefire and stop the progress of the Syrian army, but said: The rest of the items «Sochi In the forefront, putting the roads from Aleppo to Hama and Lattakia in service, according to a clear and specific timetable, remains at the forefront of the guarantors of “Sochi” and “Astana”, who expressed their agreement to the efforts to fight terrorism in Idlib in the “Trilogy” In implementing the de-escalation agreements.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

In return for the army to keep calm .. Turkey promises to fight terrorism and expand «demilitarized»

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