The government of the occupying entity “Israeli” in its weekly session today, to designate a new settlement in the occupied Syrian Golan on behalf of the “Trump Plateau.”
According to media «Israeli», the entity’s government will ratify the establishment of a new community called the “Trump Plateau,” in the name of the current US President Donald Trump, «gratitude» of the occupation of Trump recognition of «Israeli sovereignty» on the occupied Golan.
The media of the occupation, that the meeting of the government «Israeli» will be held in the “Sila” in the occupied Golan, where they will ratify the establishment of the new assembly.
Last March, President Trump signed a declaration recognizing “Israeli sovereignty” over the occupied Golan. At the time, he said in the White House, alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “This has been planned for some time.”
According to international law, the occupied part of the Golan is occupied territory and is subject to UN Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967, which provides for the withdrawal of the occupying entity from it.
The latest “Israeli” move, along with news of a US-Russian meeting, “Israeli” in occupied Jerusalem this month, is expected to be the “Syrian file” at the head of the talks.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

In recognition of the breach of all international norms «Israel» reward Trump as «plateau»!

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