Syria commemorated the 46th anniversary of the October liberation war with celebrations throughout the country, accompanied by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army.
Our valiant armed forces of all kinds commemorated the October liberation war, which was a firm example of steadfastness and high combat will, according to SANA.
In their speeches, the leaders affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army heroes today are writing the most wonderful tournaments and writing the upcoming victory in the face of terrorist organizations and their supporters regionally and internationally, pointing out that our heroic army today is more capable and determined to fulfill its sacred national duty to preserve the security and stability of the homeland and eradicate terrorism and foil all The plans wrought by the West and its tools against Syria, and that the will to hold steadfastness, which won in October liberation today is able to defeat terrorism.
In conclusion, the leaders pledged to our loyal people that our armed forces will continue their national tasks in pursuing terrorist groups until their elimination and restore security and stability to every inch of the homeland.
On this occasion, military performances were held that showed the high level of readiness, readiness and decency of our valiant fighters. The military leaders visited the martyrs’ shrines and laid wreaths on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces at the memorials and read al-Fatihah on the souls of the pure martyrs. They paid homage and visited the wounded in military hospitals and congratulated them on this precious occasion and wished them a speedy recovery.
Amid Syria’s celebration of this occasion, retired Brigadier General Abdul Karim Salmour from the Veterans Association branch in Lattakia explained that the Tishrin War was a historic achievement in which the Syrian Army achieved victory under the leadership of the founding leader Hafez al-Assad. In Syria for years it is an extension of the series of anti-Syrian wars.
In turn, retired officer Fahmi al-Mahamid, one of the officers of the Ninth Division in the Sanamin area of ​​Daraa countryside, said that the October liberation war was and still is a source of pride for every Syrian, describing it as an epic, while the October war represented the president of the Swedish Veterans Association in retired Major General Ghazi Abaza and his colleagues. That they were eager to confront the Israeli enemy and restore the usurped land.
Details and moments saturated with pride and pride experienced by retired Major General Majid al-Zoghbi recalling the scenes of the war and the comrades of weapons during the October war, while retired Major General Mohammed Sharif Fadel from Homs province recounted some of his memories in the Tishrin war, which was one of the leaders of its military formations captain. He said: The formations at the time were dependent on aviation, where I was able and my friends to destroy thirteen enemy aircraft «Israeli», breaking the myth of «army invincible».
Brigadier Munther Ibrahim al-Yousef, the president of the Homs Veterans Association, recalled his participation in the October liberation war. “We crossed the anti-tank trenches in the central sector and we were able to achieve the goal in the shortest time,” he said.
In words of heroism and masculinity, retired first assistant Atta al-Shaar from the village of Harfa in the countryside of Kenitra, one of the heroes of the October liberation war, said: «Despite the passage of years and aging is still the first image of our departure to the liberation of the occupied territories stuck in my memory as if it happened yesterday».
From Tartous, retired Brigadier General Mohammad Hassan, who was the commander of a tank faction in the October liberation war, recalled the championships of his members.
The SANA said that the memories of the October liberation war will remain a beacon from which the Syrians will draw lessons in the struggle, victory and steadfastness on the path of liberation, liberating the land from the occupier and clearing it of terrorism and restoring security and safety to all parts of the country.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

In conjunction with the underline of the heroes of the army the coolest images of heroism in the face of the terrorist war … Syria celebrates the 46th anniversary of the October war: the will to endure triumphed over the occupation and will triumph over terrorism

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