The Syrian Arab Army responded to violations of the ceasefire by terrorists of the Turkish regime in the last area to reduce the escalation in Idlib and the neighboring countryside, and caused them loss of life and equipment.
A field source south of Idlib told Al-Watan that the terrorists of the National Army, funded by Turkey, Jabhat al-Nusra and the associated terrorist organizations such as the Islamic Turkistan Party (TTP) stepped up their breaches of the truce and targeted the positions of the Syrian Army along Seam lines from Latakia to Aleppo, passing through the Ghab and Idlib plains, prompting the Syrian army to respond to the sources of gunfire.
The source pointed out that the terrorists pre-empted the start of the Turkish army and militia «National Army» affiliated aggression on the Syrian border east of the Euphrates, with a bombing campaign on the positions of the Syrian army in the north-west of the country, which in turn rammed their strongholds in Kebaneh countryside northeast Latakia They pass through Maarat Harmah, Kafr Sanjeh, Hayish, Ma’ar Zeita and Rakaya south and southeast of Idlib to the northern countryside of Aleppo.
Al-Watani militia renewed the violation of the truce north of Aleppo, aiming its artillery towards the axes of Kafr Khashir, Mernaz and Mariamin, in an effort to create a deteriorating security reality, in preparation for an attack aimed at changing the control map after failing to achieve its goal last April, following the same scenario, according to a field source. «Home» in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
On the other hand, opposition sources close to the «National» militia in the «Euphrates Shield» and «olive branch», which is occupied by Turkey north and northeast of Aleppo to «homeland», that Turkey yesterday requested new supplies from its terrorists after the arrival of the first batch of them , Which number more than 10,000 terrorists, to the axes of fighting east of the Euphrates in the vicinity of Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ain from the Turkish side.
She pointed out that none of the terrorists «National» working in Idlib, had been brought to the hubs of fighting until yesterday evening.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

In an effort to create a deteriorating security reality … a terrorist escalation in Idlib and Aleppo and the army is responding

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