The head of the political administration of the Syrian Arab Army, General Hassan Hassan, said that the Syrian Arab Army came to the conclusion of a series of championships and heroes, which began since the refusal of the Minister of War, Major General Yusuf Al-Azmah, to warn Guru and allow the occupiers to enter Syria without a fight and passed through stages of steadfastness and pride. He pointed out that the army that cleansed all these vast areas from Daraa to the borders of Idlib will not depend on the absolute at the end of the war. Idleb is not at any area spread in Terrorist groups classified by international law as terrorist, and therefore will not remain an inch, will be restored.
In a special interview with al-Watan newspaper on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the founding of the army, Major General Hassan congratulated the Syrian Arab Army and its men of miracles, the means of holding the dignity, sovereignty, loyalty and pure belonging of the nation who taught the universe how to sacrifice and give.
Major General Hasan confirmed that the Syrian Arab Army came as a summary of a series of championships and championships that began since the war minister, Major General Youssef Al-Azmah, rejected the warning of Ghorro, who was accepted by the government at the time so as not to write in history that the occupiers entered without a fight. When the Syrian parliament’s protector during the French occupation of Damascus refused to pay tribute to the French soldiers. This breed returned to victory in the October war to reject US conditions when US Secretary of State Colin Powell came to Damascus with conditions rejected by Syria. And the Syrian state and people managed to achieve victory over terrorism and managed to clean up vast areas occupied by America-supported terrorism and its tools to embody the highest national meaning. A person to compare what we are now and what we were years ago, and this gives us an indication that the compass of the Syrian Arab army always forward, and no battle planned by the army and decided to run it only ended as decided to them ».
He pointed out that the chapters of the war at this time is not only military, but the overlap of the military political economy, and as Syria has friends, but also many enemies, and we must not forget that Washington is still a superpower, but you can say that what distinguishes this The will of the resistance and the fight against terrorism is in the process of development and spread, and this would not have happened without the steadfastness, sacrifices, efficiency, skill and certainty of the Syrian Arab Army men , Stressing that we are in front of a new chapter of the chapters To counter and eradicate terrorism, this transnational terrorism of States and continents.
The Syrian Arab Army has added to its victories on terrorism a new thing or a new principle of global military thought, which is how to coordinate and integrate between the performance of a traditional army known for its firepower, diversity of forces and its ability to deploy, and between the resistance of friends in Hezbollah, And the members of the allied forces and the national defense or Baathist battalions, «all of them carried out the tasks of combat quality under the leadership of the army and under the supervision of the army, and this alignment is most disturbing to the people of the Zionist entity, and we are in front of a new chapter and the heart of a page burned from the pages of terrorism, whether in the countryside of Idlib or Hama or Lattakia And the rest S Syrian. »
The political director of the political administration said in his meeting with al-Watan that the military path to eradicate terrorism in the north is continuing, but the solution, as indicated by President Bashar al-Assad, is in military and political maneuvers and therefore when it is possible to build on Russian diplomacy and through the relationship of Russian friends with Erdogan or The relationship of the Iranian friends with Turkey is good, but at the same time when things reach a dead end, the Syrian Arab Army, which cleansed all these vast areas from Daraa to the borders of Idlib, will not depend on the absolute, neither in Idlib nor in any area where terrorist groups are deployed Classified according to law Crown as a terrorist, and therefore an inch will not only survive, and will be restored.
General Hassan said that the combat operations carried out by the Syrian Arab Army in Idlib are to respond to the violations committed by terrorist groups, especially as they target civilians and infrastructure. When there is a breach by these terrorists, the army responds to these violations. Terrorism will not continue indefinitely. The Turkish regime will not be able to continue to procrastinate to the end. These terrorist groups, which have been presented from all over the world, should be confronted by the Syrian army and all countries of the world, but the world should thank Syria for fighting terrorism on their behalf.
He stressed that Turkey is still the spearhead of NATO and the NATO gate on the eastern region and the Russian trend together, and it is not wise to go to an escalation that may lead to undesirable consequences, pointing out that the military science there is a theory that the military mobilization may lead to wars even if The generalists point out that those who support terrorism are in decline and disintegration, and the Syrian Arab Army and its people are in the process of advancing and clearing more Syrian territory.
General Hassan stressed the effectiveness of the Russian and Iranian role in the Syrian war on terrorism, pointing out that the participation of friends, came after the steadfastness of the state and the Syrian army, and after the certainty that can be built on this steadfastness, and this is what the army proved on the ground, The army and the mobilization of the people around the leadership and the army, and through the veto of the Russian-Chinese signal and message exceeded the geography of Syria and regional, to redraw the balance of regional and international relations, which says that the era of unipolar «is no longer valid» for use, and there are new data, adding: «Russian support Wa For Iran and the support of our friends in Hezbollah came at the right time ».
The Director of the Political Department considered that everyone has become clear to him that this terrorism is not aimed at Syria alone and will not stand at the Syrian border. It does not require a passport to cross from one country to another. This terrorism poses threats and threats to national and national security without exception. , Reiterating that the Russian-Iranian presence is legitimate. Any other presence without the Syrian government’s invitation is an occupation, a conflict between the occupation and a serious and effective action to combat terrorism.
Major General Hassan considered that there are new concepts in international relations. If the Takfiri terrorism, which claimed the name of the Arab Spring, could have invaded Syria, God forbid, terrorism would have invaded the world. He pointed out that the high level of the Syrian-Russian, Iranian- The establishment of a new strategic environment that will create new data on international relations. This relationship will become a model for diplomatic, political and economic relations between States, based on the principle of respect for the sovereignty of States and for equality and respect for the law. Lee, thanking Russian and Iranian friends to friends, and Hezbollah, and both stood with the Syrian state in the face of terrorism, which will not only succeed scourges and disasters that will not stop at the geographical borders of Syria.
On the promotion of the US-Turkish pursuit of the so-called “safe zone”, General Hasan considered that there is no difference today between the militia of Qusd, the Turkestan Islamic Party, the Daqsh and the Nasra, The Syrian state is part of the tafiti project, which uses Takfiri terrorism as a tool for it, wishing the “Kurdish brothers” and the “Kurdish component” in the north, which we cherish, not to take the dreams that America gives them, because America always abandons any ally, Turning the corner, and the issue of establishing a Kurdish “canton” in the Kurdish north is not possible, and promoting the argument that the Kurds They are seeking this canton, because a large part of the Kurds are with the Syrian state. There are ministers and members of various people’s council and activities. The main component in those areas is an Arab component. Again, the call for the northern Kurds is not to be a stick in Washington, Security and stability, only in the bosom of the Syrian state, and will not succeed any component carrying arms in any area was, because the land will remain Syria identity and face and tongue.
In his meeting with al-Watan, General Hassan said that Syria and Iraq are two neighboring countries threatened by one danger, namely, terrorism. Therefore, the United States is keen to keep the Syrian-Iraqi border a home and a playground for this terrorism. The Syrian state and the Iraqi state have the right to purge the entire borders of the Da’ash and other terrorist organizations, The two countries do not need a transit pass to stamp out terrorism on their borders, and everyone has a duty to uproot it, not support it as the United States does.
“We are confident that tomorrow will be brighter and brighter, and that Syria will come back stronger and more effective, and all that is related to the present state of Syria, its regime and its future, is an exclusive internal affair and an exclusive right of the Syrian people,” said the director of the political administration of the Syrian Arab Army. And no one has the right to interfere in it. This is a sovereign matter that does not accept bargaining or evasion. Whoever draws any illusions must wake up from his illusions. “

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

If terrorism could invade Syria to conquer the world … General Hassan Hassan to «homeland»: the compass of the army forward and no battle planned for it only ended as decided

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